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 der adj.
gen. that; the; this; this one; which; who
tech. he; her; his; its; to the; to which; to whom
 deren adj.
gen. whose; her; its; of which; their
 D20 adj.
gen. deuterium oxide
 3D adj.
archaeol. three dimensional
 D20 adj. heavy water
 D adj. n =, chem. aspartic acid
 D. adj.
med. give
 die art.
gen. that; the; these; this; this one; which; who
 Den art.
textile denier
 German thesaurus
 ders. abbr.
abbr. derselbe
 det. abbr.
abbr. determinieren; deterministisch; detonieren; detailliert
 DTE abbr.
abbr. Datenendeinrichtung
 Det abbr.
abbr. Detektiv
 DTE abbr.
abbr., BrE Data Terminal Equipment
 Det adj.
el. Detektor
 DET adj.
mil. Detonator
 DER abbr.
abbr., avia. distributed energy release
der Offentlichkeit, ) als: 1 phrase in 1 subject