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ausrichten n
commun. point (antenna)
met., mech.eng. roll out
polygr. range
Ausrichten n -s
gen. alignment; trueing; truing
agric., industr. straight laying
transp., construct. pumping work
ausrichten v
gen. orient; host; orientate (towards)
construct. pean; peen; pein; true
mech.eng. position
opt. line up with; orientate
tech. adjust
ausrichtend v
gen. effecting
etw. ausrichten v
gen. hosting (Konferenz, Event)
ausrichten Fest v
gen. organize; stage
ausrichtend v
gen. adjusting
ausrichten einen Oszillator v
IT align (mechanisch)
ein Fest ausrichten v
gen. cater (a party)
ausrichter v
IT, transp. aligner
ausrichten adj.
gen. train
brit. to equalise
comp. align; justify; equalize
comp., MS snap (To automatically align drawing objects to gridlines, guides, columns, other objects, etc); align (In data handling, to store multiple-byte data units so that the respective bytes fall in corresponding locations of memory)
construct. to span the walling thread; rectify; unbend; straighten; bring into alignment; level up
industr., construct. to smooth; to straighten
IT align (on nach)
IT, dat.proc. to flush; to quad; to range
IT, tech. to joggle
IT, tech., mech.eng. to justify
mech.eng. locate
mining. approach (unter Tage); develop; enter; line in (up); open; open up; slue (Schrämmaschine)
tech. level; line up
Ausrichten adj.
comp. snap; snapping
construct. adjustment; centering; gauging; peening
gymn. dress forward; dress the column
met., el. positioning
mine.surv. coplaning; jiggling in
textile straightening
genau ausrichten in Position bringen adj.
gen. true; true up
etw. ausrichten adj.
gen. play host to
jdn. ausrichten österr. adj.
gen. speak ill of
jdm., etw. ausrichten adj.
gen. pass on to
axial ausrichten adj.
construct. align axially
ausrichten: 58 phrases in 15 subjects
British usage, not spelling1
Information technology2
Mechanic engineering4
Nuclear physics2
Optics branch of physics3