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entlassen m
busin., IT dismiss (von Personal); fire (von Personal); layoff (von Personal)
footb. dismiss (den Trainer, the manager)
law, lab.law. to lay off
entlassen v
gen. disbanded; dismissed; unburden; boot out; disband; discharge; dismiss; sack
busin. give sb. the sack; laid off; redundant; sack sb.
econ. displace; eject (aus einem Amt usw)
econ., amer. drop
law make redundant (Arbeitsverhältnis); remove; release (Haft)
entlassend v
gen. disbanding; dismissing; sacking; unburdening; decruiting
jdn. entlassen v
gen. lay off; let go
jdn entlassen v
econ. discharge smb. from employment
inf. give smb. the sack
law give smb. the push
entlassene v
gen. dismissed; unburdened
entlassen kündigen v
gen. to decruit
jdn fristlos entlassen v
inf. fire (smb.)
entlasst v
gen. unburdens
entlassen from aus v
econ. dismiss (z.B. aus dem Dienst)
entlassen adj.
gen. decruited; unburdened; laying-off of personnel; run-down of labour force
agric. let go; release; loosen
amer. muster out
econ. axe; put out
econ., amer. off the payroll
emerg.care discharge (Krankenhaus)
med. to discharge
tech. give notice
vorübergehend entlassen adj.
econ. lay off (Arbeiter); stand off
entlassen kündigen adj.
med. to dismiss
aus dem Dienst entlassen adj.
econ. fire
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Foreign trade4
Government, administration and public services1
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