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abklopfen n
equest.sp. pat
industr., construct., met. to crack-off
judo. knock
mining. chap (Stoß); chill (Hangendes); feel; knock (Hangendes); rap (Firste); roove (Hangendes)
Abklopfen n -s
construct. hammer testing; dabbing; daubing; picking; stugging
industr., construct., met. crack-off; cracking-off
med. percussion
mining. drumming (der Firste); jowling (der Firste); sound (des Hangenden); sounding (des Hangenden)
nucl.phys. rap; rapping
OHS chap
Staub abklopfen n
construct. tap off
abklopfen v
gen. brush off (Staub); knock off (Putz); percuss (Arzt); stop the orchestra (Dirigent); tap (Arzt); dust down
construct. tap
emerg.care percuss
mater.sc. check; sound
Abklopfen v
coal. hammer impact rapping
abklopfen Arzt v
gen. percuss; tap
abklopfen Staub v
gen. brush off
auf vorhandene Hohlräume abklopfen v
construct. rap
Abklopfer v
industr., construct., chem. cracker-off
abklopfen Dirigent v
gen. stop the orchestra
abklopfen Putz v
gen. knock off
Zunder, Kalk abklopfen v
construct. descale
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