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Schwank m -(e)s, Schwänke
gen. droll story; story; farce
Schwänke m
gen. droll stories; farces
schwanken n
gen. dither (between)
chem. fluctuate (fluktuieren); variate (variieren)
schwanken zwischen n
fig. hover
schwanken v
gen. falter; rock; sway; toddle; vacillate; vary; vibrate; waver; wobble; stagger; waffle; dither
econ. fluctuate
law, ADR fluctuate (Preise, Kurse etc.); range
stat. hover
tech. alternate; deviate; pitch
schwankt v
gen. falters; fluctuates; sways; toddles; vacillates; wavers; wobbles; waffles
geschwankt v
gen. faltered; fluctuated
schwankte v
gen. fluctuated
geschwankt v
gen. oscillated; staggered
schwankte v
gen. staggered; swayed
geschwankt v
gen. toddled; vacillated
schwankte v
gen. vacillated; wavered
geschwankt v
gen. wobbled
schwankte v
gen. waffled
geschwankt v
gen. seesawed
schwankte v
gen. toddled; wobbled
auf und ab schwanken v
gen. heave
schwanken adj.
gen. reel; teeter; totter
chem. to fluctuate
comp. oscillate
earth.sc. oscillate
med. to sway; to stagger
tech. wabble
Schwanken adj.
econ. fluctuation
med. titubation
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