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Einschlag m -(e)s, ..schläge
gen. abb (Weben: Querfäden); impact; impaction; weft; woof; heeling-in ground
agric. felling operations; forest harvesting; logging; removal; timber-cutting; tree felling
opt. pit (imperfection on the surface of a lens)
tech. impingement (hit)
tech., industr., construct. shoot; shute
Einschläge m
gen. wefts; woofs; impacts
Einschlags- m
agric. wood-cutting; wood-felling
einschlagen n
agric. heeling in; plant; set; make a plantation
book.bind. turn in ***p128
chem. to beat in; to cover; to break
construct. nail down (von Nägeln); board (up, von Nägeln); drive in (Nagel; Pfahl u.ä.); hammer in (Nagel; Pfahl u.ä.); heel in (Pflanze); beat down
econ. steer; take up (Laufbahn)
pack. envelop; wrap
polygr. turn in
tab.tenn. shoot
Einschlagen n
agric. crate boarding; clogging; driving in; blocking
chem. sinking in
construct. driving-in; driving (Nägel)
horticult. heeling-in (of transplants)
tech. driving in (von Nägeln usw.); driving down (nails, von Nägeln usw.); hammering in (von Nägeln usw.); nailing (von Nägeln usw.); striking
einschlagen Nagel n
gen. drive into (Nagel)
einschlagen v
gen. drive into (Nagel); envelop (einwickeln); stave in; batter; adopt; drive home; hammer down; heel in; shake hands (Andrey Truhachev)
construct. fell (Holz); drive (Nägel)
tech. strike
Einschlag v
agric. felling; volume felled
book.bind. margin
crim.law., law, int. law. hit
forestr. cutting; felling area; wood felling; wood cutting
mining. weft threads
pack. wrapper; wrapping
shoot. striking
swim. touching the wall; touch
tab.tenn. shot
tech. strike
tech., industr., construct. filling
Einschlagen v
agric. stratification
einschlagend v
gen. driving in; staving; driving into; pommelling; pummeling
einschlagen auf v
gen. hew (at)
einschlagen Nagel v
gen. drive in
auf etw. einschlagen v
gen. shake hands (Andrey Truhachev)
Kurs, Weg einschlagen v
gen. pursue
einschlagen einwickeln v
gen. envelop
Einschlage v
book.bind. turn-ins
einschlagen: 50 phrases in 13 subjects
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