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Akkordlohn m -(e)s, ..löhne
account. piece wage system; piece rate system
agric. piece work
busin. piece rate; piecework rate; task wages
construct. "accord"-type payments
econ. piecework paid; job work payment
econ., amer. contractual wages; piece rate wages; piece-work wages
lab.law. contract rate; job rate
market. payment by piece-rates; piece wages; piecework pay; piece-work pay
market., lab.law. incentive pay; job wage; incentive wage; payment by results; payment by the job; piece wage; piece-work payment; piece work remuneration; piecework earnings; straight piecework; task wage; unit wage
tech. piece work rate; piece--wages; piece-rate-wages
auch Akkordlohn m
econ. wage on piecework basis; wages on piecework basis; job wage; job wages; piece wages; piecework wage; piecework wages; task wage; task wages
Akkordlohn: 2 phrases in 2 subjects
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Labor law1