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abschalen n
construct. to scale; to peel off; to exfoliate; to scale off; to flush (at the corners)
mining. rait (Streckenstöße); rate (Streckenstöße); rosh (Streckenstöße); scale
abschälen n
construct. to disbark; to peel off the bark; to exfoliate; to peel off; to scale; peeling off, pitting, popping; to produce blemishes; to remove the bark
mining. skep; skip; skip bucket; slab
Abschälen n
chem., met. peeling
construct. planing; flaking; separation
med. shelling; hulling
met. peeling off
mining. slabbing (des Stoßes); slashing (des Stoßes)
nucl.phys. spall; spalling
Backstein abschälen n
construct. to split bricks
abschalen v
construct. face
abschälen v
gen. excoriate; strip off
construct. debark (Rinde); decorticate (Rinde); pare; peel; scale
sich abschälen v
construct. exfoliate
abschalen: 11 phrases in 4 subjects