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  Akt m -(e)s, -e
gen. act; action; coitus; nude (Kunst); sexual act; nude portrait; nude study
law legal act; legal transaction
  Aktien m
econ. share
  Akten m
gen. papers in the case
commun. acts
  Akte m
arts. act
law, patents. deed
  Aktie f =, -n
gen. share
account. equity instrument
amer. stock
comp., MS share (One unit of ownership interest in a company)
econ., BrE share-capital
fin. equities; ankle bitter; downtick
fin., amer. stock (AG)
fin., BrE share (AG)
  Aktien f
gen. equities; shares
law, ADR, amer. stocks (verschiedener Gesellschaften); corporate stock; stock (e-r bestimmten Gesellschaft)
 German thesaurus
  Akt abbr. m -(e)s, -e
abbr. Aktion; Aktionär
avia. R Aktionsradius
  Akt. m
mil. Aktivität
  akt. abbr.
abbr., chem. aktiv
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