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 remboursements m
fin. EIB reflows; reflows
 remboursement m
gen. refund; pay-off
agric. liquidation
commun. C.O.D. amount
comp., MS refund (The return of an amount paid)
econ. redemption; discharge of a debt
econ., fin. chargeback
fin. repayment; amortization; reversal; reversing; redeemed unit; retirement; loan repayment (de prêt); payment
IMF. debt amortization; mortgage redemption (intégral); reflow
insur. cash-on-delivery c.o.d. advance payment
law, commun. refunding
med. method of reimbursement; reimbursement
patents. remuneration; compensation
polit. debt repayment
UN, law recovery of losses
 contre remboursement m
arts. cash on delivery
 remboursement d'un crédit, d'un prêt m
insur. repayment of a credit, of a loan
remboursements: 663 phrases in 34 subjects
Accounting4 International Monetary Fund49
Agriculture9 International trade1
Banking1 Law23
Business3 Marketing18
Commerce8 Materials science1
Communications14 Medical4
Corporate governance13 Microsoft6
Customs1 Patents10
Economy62 Politics3
Energy industry7 Security systems1
Environment1 Social science7
Finances280 Statistics1
General59 Taxes19
Government, administration and public services4 Trade unions1
Health care4 Transport2
Information technology1 United Nations8
Insurance35 Welfare & Social Security3