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gen. liner
agric. filler
hobby cultur. bump artist
industr. construct. backing; lining; overlay; lining leather
mater.sc. mech.eng. insert
met. laminate; lamination
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agric. chem. acetic acid
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life.sc. winter
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gen. per
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gen. liner
agric. filler
book.bind. ornamental inside lining
cinema double; stunt man; stunt player; stunt woman
hobby, cultur. bump artist
industr. lining up
industr., construct. backing; lining; overlay; lining leather; sheathing
mater.sc., mech.eng. insert; package liner
met. to laminate; lamination
pack. package insert
tech. shell
textile lining fabric
patents. linings
doublures étoffes f
gen. linings textile
doublure d: 2 phrases in 1 subject