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gen. dice
agric. cement footing
chem. cube
comp., MS Triple Data Encryption Standard
earth.sc. Dec; dee
hobby dice
IT triple DES
IT el. dice
med. d frame
polit. loc.name. Del; Delaware
commun. transp. making land
comp. approximate
life.sc. come close/to; near
mech.eng. approach; position; set
stat. approximated
tech. approach
transp. landing approach; come close
gen. per; aeroplanes
chem. aluminium; CI pigment metal; E173; Au 3
commun. Motor Engineering Division; Postbus Service Division
med. up to; to
polit. agric. tech. a
social.sc. engl. aura
agric. birth
cinema action!
commun. go ahead
comp., MS share
econ. fin. unit
law fin. share
industr. construct. front
law duty
gen. flooring
agric. land
chem. engl. sol
earth.sc. soil; soils
environ. soil
fish.farm. sole
ichtyol. soles
industr. construct. met. bottom; siege of a tank
med. floor; hearth
transp. ground; ground
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  système de contrôle
gen. control system; safeguards and control system
commun. security patrol system
el. gating system
IT monitor system
tech. monitoring system
systeme de) controle des approches: 1 phrase in 1 subject