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 programme m
gen. arrangement
comp., MS program (A set of instructions that a computer uses to perform a specific task, such as word processing, accounting, or data management); syllabus (​A summary of class information, such as the course name and description, a schedule of lessons and assignments, and evaluation criteria)
construct. time schedule scheme
ed. training programme
IMF. package
IT program file
tech. schedule of due dates; timeframe; timetable
 programme v
arts. program
comp., MS schedule (A timetable of planned activities and economic resource allocations)
construct. planning; schedule
econ. project
ed. curriculum
ed., syllabus
environ. programme
tech. program (software, GB)
 programmer v
gen. earmark
account. plan
econ. schedule
IT program
IT, tech. to code; to program
textile programme (verb)
 programme "93 + 2" v
nucl.phys. 93 + 2 programme
 Programme v
pharma. Program
 programmes v
UN policies
 French thesaurus
 Programm. abbr.
abbr., math. programmation
programme de ) reduction: 26 phrases in 12 subjects
Animal husbandry2
Corporate governance2
Health care1
Name of organization5
Nuclear physics1
Social science1
United Nations3