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gen. regional development
agric. regional planning; physical planning; spatial economics
agric., construct. land use planning; land use regulation
construct. spatial planning; territory development; territory planning; engineering services and equipment
econ. town and country planning
environ. land management and planning; land setup; land management and planning Operations for preparing and controlling the implementation of plans for organizing human activities on land; land planning The activity of designing, organizing or preparing for the future use of solid areas of the earth's surface, especially regions valued for natural resources, utilized as agricultural resources or considered for human settlement; land setup The formulation of regional objectives, plans and programmes and the harmonization of the regional effects of sectorial planning; land use planning The interdisciplinary process of evaluating, organising, and controlling the present and the future development and use of lands and their resources in terms of their suitability on sustained yield basis. Includes an overall ecological evaluation in terms of specific kinds of uses as well as evaluations of social, economic, and physical contexts to the land concerned
IMF. land development agriculture; land reclamation
law regional town and country planning
mun.plan., environ. land management; resource planning and development
nucl.phys., ecol. nature of regional development
plann. land-use planning
polit., loc.name., environ. management of the countryside
social.sc., transp., construct. country planning; land improvement; lands use controls; regional policy
planification de l' aménagement du territoire
UN physical planning
amenagement du territoire: 144 phrases in 12 subjects
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