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 montant m
transp., construct. vertical girder
 monter v
comp., MS mount (To make a physical disk or tape accessible to a computer's file system)
cultur., commun. edit
IT mount, to; wire, construct. to assemble; to erect; to mount
mech.eng. clamp; grip; mount; set; set up
met. to set
mun.plan., tech. to haft
textile install; take up (couleurs); absorb (colors, couleurs)
transp. retrofit; assemble
 monte v
agric. stud
health. to cover; to horse, agric. covering
 monter фонол. v
ling. rise
 montant adj.
gen. end-bar
coal., industr., construct. pitwood
comp. bottom-up; increasing
comp., MS amount (A definite magnitude of currency, a quantity of currency, or an indefinite magnitude of an uncountable substance or quality)
construct. beam; spar; mullion
fin., IT amount; value
industr., construct. prop
mech.eng. frame; standard; housing; upright; guide column; guide standard; straight standard
met., el., construct. vertical
phonol. ascending; rising
pwr.lines. main leg
tech., industr., construct. body rise
tech., mech.eng. column; post
tech., met. jamb
transp. strut; stay
transp., construct. ladder stringer
 montants adj.
mech.eng. upright
med. posts
mun.plan., transp., construct. stiles, met., mech.eng. frame; legs; standards
transp. astragals; roof supports
 montante adj.
IT ascender
 montants de toit adj.
transp. roof supports vehicle structure
 montant du pavillon adj.
transp. pillar
 French thesaurus
 montante adj.
slang échelle
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