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 contrat m
gen. deed
arts. contract; agreement
environ. agreement legal; contract An agreement between two or more persons which creates an obligation to do or not to do a particular thing. Its essential are competent parties, subject matter, a legal consideration, mutuality of agreement, and mutuality of obligation
insur. order form; slip
law arrival contract; ex-store contract; c. & f. contract; c. and f. contract; c.a.f. contract; c.f. & i. contract; c.f. and i. contract; c.f. contract; c.f.i. contract; c.i.f.f.o. contract; cost insurance and freight free out; ex quay contract; ex ship contract; ex-ship contract; f.a.s. contract; free alongside ship
patents. treaty
polit. contract An agreement between two or more persons intended to create a legal obligation between them and to be legally enforceable (Accord conclu entre deux ou plusieurs personnes dans le but d'instituer une obligation légale entre les cocontractants et de voir les obligations exécutées)
 Contrats m Contracts
 contre v
food.ind. boneless strip loin
hobby block
law against (versus); in opposition to (versus); versus
 contra v
law versus
contrat de mise en oeuvre) de la: 2 phrases in 2 subjects