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comp., MS Terms
gen. proviso
math. constraint
transp. engl. condition
work.fl. IT social.sc. situation; position; rank
comp., MS terms
fin. IT terms
insur. provisions
| a
gen. per
| remplir
gen. fill
| par
nat.sc. agric. red pandora
| les
law adversely affected
| sous-traitants
IT subcontractor
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to phrases
gen. proviso; precondition; condition (physique)
law, fin., engl. term
math. constraint
patents. requirement; obligation; injunction; imposition; nature
transp., engl. condition
work.fl., IT, social.sc. situation; position; rank
comp., MS terms (The contractual provisions and major terms agreed to by the parties to an agreement)
fin., IT terms
insur. provisions
law terms and conditions
ling. conditions
comp., MS Terms (The link to the Microsoft service agreement)
 French thesaurus
slang chambre; domicile
conditions a remplir par les: 3 phrases in 3 subjects
International trade1