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comp., MS Terms
gen. proviso
math. constraint
transp. engl. condition
work.fl. IT social.sc. situation; position; rank
comp., MS terms
fin. IT terms
insur. provisions
| a
gen. per
| remplir
gen. fill
| par
nat.sc. agric. red pandora
| les
law adversely affected
| sous-traitants
IT subcontractor
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to phrases
  condition f
gen. proviso; precondition; condition (physique)
law, fin., engl. term
math. constraint
patents. requirement; obligation; injunction; imposition; nature
transp., engl. condition
work.fl., IT, social.sc. situation; position; rank
  conditions f
comp., MS terms (The contractual provisions and major terms agreed to by the parties to an agreement)
fin., IT terms
insur. provisions
law terms and conditions
ling. conditions
  Conditions f
comp., MS Terms (The link to the Microsoft service agreement)
 French thesaurus
  condition f
slang chambre; domicile
conditions a remplir par les: 3 phrases in 3 subjects
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