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 caractéristique f
arts. characteristic
bot. distinctive
commun., el. character
comp., MS trait (An attribute that describes an entity)
el. characteristic curve; characteristic value
IT, dat.proc. exponent
IT, tech. exponent in a floating-point representation
math. characterisation; characterization
med. characteristics; features; traits; true to type
patents. typical; distinguishing feature
relig. property; quality
stat. item of a statistical unit
tech. feature; frequency response
 caractéristiques f
gen. feature; characteristic species
account. features
mech.eng. machine specifications; specifications
transp. specification
 caracteristiques f
gen. leading particulars
transp., tech. data; features; ratings
 caracteristique f
transp., tech. capability
 caractéristiques des cartes f
tech. contents (of maps)
 caractéristique adj.
comp. characteristic (curve); response (curve)
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