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amer. one-way ticket
brit. single
transp. outward journey
tech. walk; path; lane; alley; avenue; route
| attendre a l'aeroport
 attendre à l'aéroport
gen. meet somebody at the airport
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  aller m
amer. one-way ticket (simple)
brit. single (simple, ticket)
transp. outward journey
  allée v
gen. clearance; aisle
construct. gangway
tech. walk; path; lane (supply); alley; avenue (plus large); route; track
  aller v
energ.ind., tech., construct. flow
  ira v
forestr. African mahogany (Khaya anthotheca); white mahogany (Khaya anthotheca)
  VAS v
med. anatomical airway
 French thesaurus
  IRA abbr.
abbr., forestr. Institut de recherches appliquées au bois
med. insuffisance rénale aigue; insuffisance respiratoire aigue
aller) attendre: 3 phrases in 2 subjects