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comp., MS AC; AE
polit. loc.name. California
 CA 125
med. ca-125 antigen
 CA 15-3
med. ca-15-3 antigen
agric. chem. calcium; Ca
 Ca 2
chem. Ca 2; calcium cyanide
 Ca3 2
chem. Ca3 2
| par exemple, c'est Pierre
 par exemple, c'est Pierre!
gen. Pierre! well I never!
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  CA m
comp., MS AC (Electric current that reverses its direction of flow (polarity) periodically according to a frequency measured in hertz, or cycles per second. The rapid change from positive to negative electricity of 60 or more times each second); AE (A method of encryption that uses a pair of mathematically related keys: a public key and a corresponding private key. Either key can be used to encrypt data, but the corresponding key must be used to decrypt it)
polit., loc.name. California
  Ca m
agric., chem. calcium; Ca
  Ca HPO4 2 m
agric. dicalcic phosphate; oenophosphate
  Ca ClO 2 m
chem. Ca ClO 2; calcium hypochlorite
  Ca3 AsO4 2 m
chem. Ca3 AzO4 2; tricalcium diorthoarsenate
  Ca H2PO2 2 m
industr., construct., chem. calcium hypophosphite
  CA 15-3 m
med. ca-15-3 antigen
  Ca CN 2 m
chem. calcium cyanide
  Ca3 PO4 2 m
chem. tricalcium diorthophosphate
  CA 125 m
med. ca-125 antigen
  ça m
med. id
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  CA abbr.
abbr., avia. Conseil d’administration
abbr., fin. chiffre d'affaires
abbr., nucl.phys. comité d'alerte
abbr., PSP catégories d'application des contacts
abbr., work.fl. coordonnés approximatives
  Ca m
biol. capillaires (vleonilh)
tech. calcium
  ca abbr.
abbr., forestr. centiare
  Ca. abbr.
abbr. Cassette
  CA abbr.
gen. Crédit Agricole (один из крупнейших банков Франции Зубцов); courant alternatif
abbr., avia. cadran d'accord; cargo aérien; casque antichoc; centre d'attraction; centre d'aviation; charge alaire; combustible d'avion; compresseur axial; conditions atmosphériques; construction aéronautique; courant aérien
fin. Crédit agricole (Фр. vleonilh); Crédit agricole (vleonilh)
IT classification automatique; calculateur arithmétique; chiffre d'affaire
mech.eng. cycle automatique
med. coarctation de l'aorte (marimarina)
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