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 groupe m
gen. working party; political group; word group; phrase; bank
avia., Canada business unit
avia., Canada, HR report area
avia., Canada, tech. department
chem. class; radical
comp., MS relation (A set of objects)
comp., MS, Canada group (A collection of elements that can be treated as a whole)
law grouping; faction
law, econ. concern
law, market. group of companies bubble
mech.eng., el. generating set
med. assemblies; units; cluster; cluster of cases
patents. subclass
rem.sens. clustering social group; social status group
tech. aggregate
transp. set; unit; batch
work.fl. thematic cluster
 Groupes m
comp., MS Groups (The link to the online communities on Windows Live Groups)
 Groupe 10 m
fin. Group of 10; Group of Ten
 Groupes m
polit. Groups
 groupé m
acrid. crowded
 groupe v
fin. group
 grouper v
comp. bundle; group
comp., MS group (To arrange or associate one or more resources)
immigr., tech. to assemble; to collect; to gather
transp. batch
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