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class [klɑ:s] adj.
comp., MS dosbarth (A category of objects that share a common set of characteristics)
 English thesaurus
CLAS abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. Committee on Laser Atmospheric Studies
abbr., IT continuous acquisition and life-cycle support
class [klɑ:s] abbr.
abbr., polym. cl
invest., abbr. cl.
mil., abbr. cls
class. abbr.
abbr. classification
abbr., commer. classified
abbr., libr. classic; classical
CLASS [klɑ:s] abbr.
abbr. Christian Leaders And Speakers Seminar; Committee For Law Abiding State Senators; Centralized Local Area Selective Signaling; Custom Local-Area Signaling Services
abbr., auto. compressible liquid adaptive suspension system
abbr., ed. Clustered Learning For Academic Student Success; Connected Learning Assures Student Success; Connected Learning Assures Students Success; Connecting Learning And Accountability For Students And Schools; Connecting Learning Assures Successful Students
abbr., el. customer local area signaling service; customer local area signaling system; customer local area special service; customized local access signaling service
abbr., file.ext. Client Access to Systems and Services; Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services; Java bytecode (compiled class - application)
abbr., IT Cell Level Atm Services Simulator; Custom Local Area Signaling Services; Java bytecode
abbr., meteorol. Clinical Anatomy Interactive Lesson
abbr., mil. Closed Loop Artillery Simulation System
abbr., mil., avia. cargo/logistics airlift systems study
abbr., nautic., scient. cross-chain LORAN atmospheric sounding system
abbr., post Computerized Labeling and Address Sequence System
abbr., relig. Christian Leaders Authors Speakers Services
abbr., scottish Chameleonic Light Altering Simulated System (US Army); Closed-Loop Artillery Simulation System; Coherent Laser radar Airborne Shear Sensor; Computing, Laser-Aided, Sight System
abbr., tel. Custom Local Area Signaling Service
comp. comprehensive satellite link simulation package
mil. Close Air Support System
tech. classified
Class [klɑ:s] abbr.
abbr. Classification/Classified
Class 10 abbr.
abbr., el. 10 particles 0. 3μm in size per cubic foot of air
Class 1 abbr.
abbr., el. 1 particle 0.3μm in size per cubic foot of air
Class 100 abbr.
abbr., el. 100 particles 0. 3μm in size per cubic foot of air
.CLASS adj.
IT application/octet-stream
CLASS [klɑ:s] abbr.
abbr., busin. classification; classify
abbr., earth.sc. capacity loading and schedule system; coherent lidar airborne shear sensor; Cross-Crosschain Loran Atmospheric Sounding System (NCAR)
abbr., oil central leg anchor separation system; clay analysis & shaly sand evaluation
abbr., space carrier landing aid stabilization system; communications link analysis and simulation system
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