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cat [kæt] n
mamm. cath (Felis silvestris (domesticus))
 English thesaurus
cat [kæt] n
mamm. agriogata (Felis silvestris (domesticus))
tech. caterpillar (MichaelBurov)
cat. abbr.
abbr. caterpillar; catalogue (Vosoni)
abbr., busin. catamaran; category
abbr., earth.sc. catalog; catalyst; catalytic; catalytical
CAT [kæt] abbr.
abbr. chloramphenical acetyltransferase; computer-aided transcription
abbr., auto. computer-aided experimental testing
abbr., avia. commercial air transport; computer aided tooling; computer aided typesetting; computer assisted training
abbr., fr., avia. comité de l'assistance technique
abbr., med. capillary agglutination test; child's apperception test; cholineacetyltransferase; chronic abdominal tympany
abbr., shipb. combined acceptance trial
abbr., tech. Cabinen Taxi
Cats abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. cataract
Cat. abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. cataract; cataracts
CAT-1 abbr.
abbr. RECategory-1 Receive Equipment
cats. abbr.
abbr., libr. catalogs
CAT6 abbr.
abbr., med. Triage Is Cat 1 major To Cat 5 minor So Cat 6 Means A Timewaster
cat [kæt] abbr.
abbr. catalog; catalytic cracking unit; catapult; category; reference letter (Rahim)
abbr., busin. cattle
abbr., oil cataclastic; cathodic
polym. catalyst; catalytic
tech. caterpillar (MichaelBurov)
.cat abbr.
file.ext. Catalog (file name extension)
CAT [kæt] abbr.
abbr. carburettor air temperature; computed axial tomography; computerized axial tomography; Catalan; Central African Time; Community Action Team; Community Activist Technology; Computer Aided Translation; Cable Avoidance Tool (used in construction Alex Lilo); California Achievement Test (Alex Lilo); Call Any Time (Alex Lilo); Calling All Troops (Alex Lilo); Camarillo Area Transit (California Alex Lilo); Cambridge Antibody Technology Group Plc (Alex Lilo); Can Analyzer Tool (Alex Lilo); Can't Answer That (Alex Lilo); Canadian Army Trophy; Canadian Association of Transplantation (Alex Lilo); Canine Agility Team (Alex Lilo); Canon Auto Tuning; Capacity Analysis Tool (Alex Lilo); Capital Acquisitions Tax (UK Alex Lilo); Capital Area Transit (Raleigh, NC Alex Lilo); Capsule Ariane Technologies (Alex Lilo); Carboxyatractyloside (cocklebur poisoning Alex Lilo); Carburetor Air Temperature (aviation Alex Lilo); Carnitine-Acylcarnitine Translocase (Alex Lilo); Carrier Access Tariff (Alex Lilo); Casual American Teenager (Alex Lilo); Catalan Language (ISO 639-2 Code Alex Lilo); Catalase (Alex Lilo); Catalog File (Alex Lilo); Catalonia (country identifier Alex Lilo); Catalunya (Alex Lilo); Catalyst Average Temperature (reactor catalyst bed Alex Lilo); Catalytic Converter (automobiles Alex Lilo); Catamaran (Alex Lilo); Catastrophe (Claims Office Alex Lilo); Catastrophic (Alex Lilo); Catch Airboat Thieves (Alex Lilo); Catechism (Alex Lilo); Catenate (Unix command Alex Lilo); CECOM Accreditation Team (Alex Lilo); Cellular Action Team (Electronic Communications Service Provider committee Alex Lilo); Center for Advanced Technologies (Alex Lilo); Center for Appropriate Transport (Alex Lilo); Center for Army Tactics; Central Alaska Time-10:00; Central Arizona Trails (motorcycle group Alex Lilo); Central Arkansas Transit (bus/light rail service; greater Little Rock, AR Alex Lilo); Central Artery-Tunnel (Boston Highway Construction Project Alex Lilo); Central Azucarera de Tarlac (Philippines Alex Lilo); Centre for Alternative Technology (Machynlleth, Wales, UK Alex Lilo); Centro de Alerta Temprana Espan~ol (Alex Lilo); Centro de Apoio e Tratamento (da Toxicodepende^ncia, Portugal Alex Lilo); Centro de Apoyo al Trabajador (Spanish: Worker Support Center Alex Lilo); Certified Accounting Technician (Alex Lilo); Certified Automotive Technician (Alex Lilo); Change Agent Team (Alex Lilo); Channel Association Tag (Alex Lilo); Channel Available Time (Alex Lilo); Chaotic Atrial Tachycardia (Alex Lilo); Character Animation Technologies (Alex Lilo); Charges Access And Terms; Charges Access Terms; Charges, easy Access and fair Terms (UK Alex Lilo); Chemical Addition Tank (Alex Lilo); Chemical Analysis and Technology (Alex Lilo); Chicago Area Theatres (Alex Lilo); Chloramphenicol Acetyltransferase (Alex Lilo); Chromatic Adaptation Transform (Alex Lilo); Citizen's Area Transit (bus system; Las Vegas, Nevada Alex Lilo); Citizens Against Tolls, Inc (Alex Lilo); Citizens' Army Training (Alex Lilo); now Computed Tomography) (Alex Lilo); Cataract ophthalmology (Alex Lilo); Caterpillar, Inc. (Alex Lilo); Civil Aviation Tribunal (Canada Alex Lilo); Civilian Augmented Training (Alex Lilo); Clean Advanced Technology (Alex Lilo); Clemson Area Transit (Alex Lilo); Clever Anatomical Tricks; Climate Advisory Team (State of Washington Alex Lilo); Clinical Annual Training (US DoD Alex Lilo); Clock Access Time (Alex Lilo); Cloud Arrival Time (Alex Lilo); Club Atle'tico Talleres (Alex Lilo); Club Atle'tico Temperley (Argentina Alex Lilo); Club Atletisme Tarragona (Spanish Alex Lilo); Cognitive Abilities Test; Cognitive Ability Test (Alex Lilo); Colegio Americano de Torreo'n (American school in Mexico Alex Lilo); Collaborative Access Team (Advanced Photon Source Alex Lilo); Collaborative Active Textbooks; College Ability Test (Alex Lilo); College of Advanced Technology (Alex Lilo); Columbia Agility Team (Alex Lilo); Combat AGE Team (US Air Force Alex Lilo); Combat Aircrew Training (Alex Lilo); Combat Application Tourniquet (Alex Lilo); Combined Acceptance Trials (Ships Alex Lilo); Combined Arms Team (Alex Lilo); Combined Arms Training (Alex Lilo); Combined Attribute Table (Alex Lilo); Command Action Team (Alex Lilo); Command Authorization Table (Alex Lilo); Committee of Anaesthetists in Training of Sheffield (Alex Lilo); Committee on Applications and Technology (Alex Lilo); Commodity Action Team (Alex Lilo); Common Aptitude Test (Alex Lilo); Common Assessment Task (Alex Lilo); Common Authentication Technology (IETF Alex Lilo); Communications Assist Team (Alex Lilo); Communications Assistance Center (Alex Lilo); Compact Audio Technology (Alex Lilo); Competency Assessment Tool (Alex Lilo); Complementary Angle Theorem (Alex Lilo); Compliance Assessment Team (Alex Lilo); Component Advanced Technology (Alex Lilo); Computer Aided Technology (Messe); Computer Aided Telephony; Computer Aided Tomography; Computer Aided Transcription (Alex Lilo); Computer and Technology (Alex Lilo); Computer Association of Thailand (Alex Lilo); computer-aided tool (Alexander Matytsin); Computer-Aided Tooling (Alex Lilo); Computer-Aided Training; Computer-Assisted Teaching; Computer-Assisted Translation (Alex Lilo); Computer-based Adaptive Testing (Alex Lilo); Computerized Adaptive Testing (Alex Lilo); Concatenate (Alex Lilo); Concatenate And Type; Concentration Activated Transformation; Concord Area Transit (New Hampshire, USA Alex Lilo); Condensed Air Technology (Alex Lilo); Conditional Access Table (Alex Lilo); Conditionally Accepted Tag (Alex Lilo); Confe'de'ration Autonome du Travail (French: Independent Trade Unions Confederation Alex Lilo); Conformance Acceptance Test (Alex Lilo); Connector Actuation Tool (Alex Lilo); Constant Amortized Time; Consultancy And Appropriate Technology; Container Anchorage Terminal (Alex Lilo); Content Access Tool (Alex Lilo); Content Applications Transactions (Alex Lilo); Continuous Action Tamper (railroad track maintenance machine made by Plasser & Thuerer, Austria Alex Lilo); Continuous Adaptive Terrain; Continuous Asynchronous Transmission (Alex Lilo); Contract Action Team (Alex Lilo); Contract Assistance Team (Alex Lilo); Contract Award Target (Alex Lilo); Contributory Access Tariff (Canada Alex Lilo); Control & Assessment Team (Alex Lilo); Control and Analysis Tool (Alex Lilo); Controlled Atmosphere Transfer (Alex Lilo); Convention Against Torture (United Nations; see UNCAT Alex Lilo); Conventional Arms Transfers; Convergent Audio Technology (stereo equipment maker Alex Lilo); Cooled Anode Transmitting valve (Alex Lilo); Corporate Accounts Transaction (Alex Lilo); Corrective Action Team (Alex Lilo); Cost Access Terms; Cost Analysis Team (Alex Lilo); Cost Analysis Tool (Alex Lilo); Cost Authority Target (Alex Lilo); Cost, Access & Term (UK government standard for ISAs Alex Lilo); Cougars and Teaching (Washington collaborative project Alex Lilo); Counter Assault Team (US Secret Service Alex Lilo); Course Achievement Test (Alex Lilo); Covert Action Team (Alex Lilo); Crack Arrest Temperature (Alex Lilo); Creative Art Techniques; Crew Aid and Tool (Alex Lilo); Criminal Apprehension Team (Alex Lilo); Crisis Augmentation Team; Criterion Autoregressive Transfer (Alex Lilo); Critical Action Time (in physics, the minimum time for an event Alex Lilo); Cryogenic Accelerator Technology (Alex Lilo); Cultural Algorithm Toolkit (Alex Lilo); Customer Acceptance Test (Alex Lilo); Customer Access Terminal (LSSGR Alex Lilo); Customer Action Team (Alex Lilo); Customer Assistance Technology (Alex Lilo); now Computed Tomography (Alex Lilo); SCAN Computerized Axial Tomography Scan; Wolffishes (FAO fish species code Alex Lilo)
abbr., astr. Cosmic Anisotropy Telescope (Vosoni)
abbr., astronaut. CubeSat Ambipolar Thruster (semfromshire)
abbr., automat. computer-aided teaching; computer-aided test; computer-assisted training
abbr., avia. clear-air turbulence (или "воздушная яма" Val_Ships); catalogue; computer aided theodolite; customer acceptance testing; compressed-air tunnel; clear air turbulence (MichaelBurov); category (of weather for landing Interex); catering
abbr., avia., med. computer-assisted tomography
abbr., bank. Cardholder-Activated Terminal (aht); credit authorisation terminal
abbr., biol. chloramphenicol acetyl transferase
abbr., busin. computer of average transients; construction assessment team
abbr., comp., net. customer-activated terminal
abbr., dat.proc. computer-aided translation
abbr., earth.sc. calc-alkali trachyte; catalog tape; classical analytic technique; gear air turbulence; cross-section archival tape
abbr., EBRD Central Asia Team
abbr., ecol. carbon added tax (Himera)
abbr., ed. Caterpillar; Classroom Assessment Technique; Computer Adaptive Test; Computer Assisted Teaching
abbr., ed., scient. Common Admission Test
abbr., el. Central Alaska time; channel address translator; charge assisted tunneling; communications and tracking; computer automated testing; contractive affine transformation; criterion for autoregressive transfer function
abbr., energ.syst. computer-assisted trading (MichaelBurov)
abbr., exhib. a client name
abbr., file.ext. Computer Average Transients; Logical package (Rational Rose)
abbr., fr., space Capsule Ariane Technologique; Comite de l'Assistance Technique
abbr., insur. catastrophe (ZolVas)
abbr., IT computer aided type-setting; computer aided test; computer assisted technical training; computer assisted tomography; Computer Aided Testing; Computer Assisted Translation; computer-aided technologies; computer-aided testing; computer-aided typesetting; condition access table; cat (computer-aided teaching); cat (computer-aided testing); cat (computer-aided tomography)
abbr., karate. city air terminal; computerized automatic tester
abbr., lab.eq. Cambridge Antibody Technology
abbr., law Combat Auto Theft
abbr., med. calibrated automated thrombinography (iwona); Cancer After Transplantation; Cardiomyopathy Trial; Computerized Tomography Scan; Critical Appraisal Tools; Critically Appraised Topic; Chloramphenicol Acetyl Transferase; Computed Axial Tomography; computerized axial tomography (obsolete); conditioned avoidance catalepsy (ННатальЯ); conditioned avoidance test (тест обусловленного избегания ННатальЯ); conformal arc therapy (harser); Cancer-associated thrombosis (oxana135); clot activator tube (vlad-and-slav); computer-assisted translation (bigmaxus); combat application tourniquet
abbr., meteorol. Clear Air Turbulence
abbr., mil. Computer- Assisted Training; Crisis Action Team; Combat Action Team; Combat Assault Team (Featus); Combustion Alteration Technology; Computer-Aided Tomography; Computer-Aided Translation; Computer-Assisted Testing; Combat application tourniquet (Киселев)
abbr., multimed. computer-assisted test/testing
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. Caspian action team
abbr., O&G, sakh. Central Approvals Team (Sakhalin Energy)
abbr., O&G. tech. connection actuation tool (MichaelBurov)
abbr., oil carbon adsorber tube; casing attenuation thickness; catenary anchored tower; classical analysis technique; client acceptance test; colour animation terminal; computer automated tester; computer average technique; computer of averaged transients; computer-aided technology; computer-aided test ing; container association transport; control and test; controlled attenuator timer; chain-articulated tower
abbr., oil.proc. catalyst average temperature (Rodeo Dayz)
abbr., opt. catadioptric
abbr., pharm. Committee for Advanced Therapies (peregrin)
abbr., physiol. Coblation Assisted Tonsillectomy
abbr., physiol., med. Cataract; Catheter; Coital Alignment Technique
abbr., polit. Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (MichaelBurov)
abbr., post Category (MODS report abbreviation); Critical Acceptance Time; Curbline Access Test; Customer Acceptance Testing (USPS / industry internal preproduction test of IMB system before TEM)
abbr., psychiat. Choline acetyltransferase; cognitive adaptation training (когнитивно-адаптационный тренинг Acruxia)
abbr., qual.cont. component acceptance test
abbr., radio cooled-anode transmitting valve
abbr., scottish Chemical Agents Tracer; Cockpit Automation Technology; Computer Automatic Testing
abbr., space cabin air temperature; celestial atomic trajectile; communication and tracking; computer aided trainer; computer automatic testing system; continuity assurance technique; continuous automatic test (ing); critical atmospheric turbulence
abbr., sport. Confederation of African Tennis
abbr., st.exch. Caterpillar, Inc.
abbr., tax. capital assignment tax (Sjoe!); Commercial Activity Tax (in Ohio Sjoe!); comparable adjustable transaction method (dimock)
abbr., transp. Civil Air Transport; Clear - Air Turbulence
comp. channel activity table; computer aided transceiver
ecol., abbr. clear air turbulence
energ.ind. clean air technology; computer aided teaching
energ.ind., abbr. computer-assisted trading
meteorol. compressed air tunnel
mil. cartridge assembly test; central analysis team; centralized automatic testing; civic action team; civil affairs team; consolidated atomic time; clerical aptitude test; clustered air target; coast artillery training; combat action team expert; combat aircraft technology; combat aptitude test; combat aviation troop; combined acceptance trials; combined acquisition and tracking; commander, amphibious troops; component acceptance trials; computer-assisted test; contractor acceptance test; control and assessment team; conventional arms transfer; converted aerial targets; crisis action team
tech. cathode; cation; computer analysis of transistors; computer assisted teaching; computer-aided typesetter; construction appraisal team; cooled-anode tube; crack arrest technology; crack arrest test; current-adjusting type device
Cat [kæt] abbr.
abbr., oil Catahoula
avia. Catalina
O&G short for an industrial or gas engine manufactured by Caterpillar, Inc.; short for any piece of industrial equipment such as bulldozer, manufactured by Caterpillar, Inc.
CAT. 1 abbr.
abbr., comp., net. category 1 cabling
CAT. 3 abbr.
abbr., comp., net. category 3 cabling
CAT. 5 abbr.
abbr., comp., net. category 5 cabling
CAT. 7 abbr.
abbr., comp., net. category 7 cabling
CAT. 2 abbr.
abbr., comp., net. category 2 cabling
CAT. 4 abbr.
abbr., comp., net. category 4 cabling
CAT. 6 abbr.
abbr., comp., net. category 6 cabling
CAT BRD abbr.
abbr., transp. Cabinentaxi