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cache [kæʃ] n
comp., MS storfa (A special memory subsystem in which frequently used data values are duplicated for quick access); storio (To store frequently used data values in a special memory subsystem for quick access)
comp., MS storio (The process of temporarily storing recently accessed information in a special memory subsystem for quicker access)
 English thesaurus
cache [kæʃ] n
USA A source of subsistence and supplies, typically containing items such as food, water, medical items, and/or communications equipment, packaged to prevent damage from exposure and hidden in isolated locations by such methods as burial, concealment, and/or submersion, to support isolated personnel (JP 3-50) see also evader, evasion, recovery, recovery operations
CACHE [kæʃ] abbr.
abbr. Council for Awards in Child Care, Health, and Education
abbr., avia. computer controlled automated cargo handling envelope
abbr., mil., avia. computer-controlled automated cargo handling equipment
abbr., relig. Charlottesville Area Christian Home Educators
CACHE [kæʃ] abbr.
abbr., el. computer-aided chemical engineering (software)
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