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bit [bɪt] n
comp., MS did (The smallest unit of information handled by a computer. One bit expresses a 1 or a 0 in a binary numeral, or a true or false logical condition. A group of 8 bits makes up a byte, which can represent many types of information, such as a letter of the alphabet, a decimal digit, or other character)
 English thesaurus
bit [bɪt] abbr.
abbr. binary digit
abbr., el. binary unit
abbr., oil bitumen; bituminous
IT, tech. bit; shannon
nautic. bitt (вк)
comp., MS 64 bit (Of, pertaining to, or descriptive of the amount of data -64 bits, or 8 bytes- that certain computer systems or programs can process at one time)
bit. abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. bitumen
BIT [bɪt] abbr.
abbr. built-in testing; Basic Interconnection Test (ISO 9646-1); Bradford Institute of Technology; British Institute of Welding
abbr., auto. best injection timing; board information terminal
abbr., avia. builtin test; bulk inclusive tour
abbr., comp. built-in testing (MichaelBurov)
abbr., comp., net. Brain Intelligence Test (Artjaazz); binary information transfer; Broadband Infrastructure Technology
abbr., ed., scient. Baran Institute of Technology; Beijing Institute Of Technology; Biomedical Informatics Tutorial; Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi
abbr., el. binary information transfer; Bipolar Integrated Technology Inc.; bipolar transistor; bump interconnection technology
abbr., file.ext. Bitmap graphics
abbr., inet. Because It's Time
abbr., IT Bitmap graphics; Bitmap Image Touchup
abbr., mil. built-in test; Binary digit; Built In Test
abbr., mil., air.def. binary information transmission
abbr., mil., avia. base information protection
abbr., oil balanced isolation tool (andrushin)
abbr., phys., scient. Bulk Ion Temperature
abbr., physiol., med. Bitartrate
abbr., polit. Bilateral investment treaty (between China and USA Val_Ships)
abbr., progr., IT Business And Information Technology
abbr., scottish Built-In Test
tech. boron injection tank
Bit [bɪt] abbr.
abbr. BInary digiT; bitumen; bituminous
bit A data type that stores either a 1 or 0 value. Integer values other than 1 or 0 are accepted, but they are always interpreted as 1 abbr.
abbr., comp., MS బిట్
interntl.trade., abbr. Bilateral Investment Treaty (ies)
BIT [bɪt] abbr.
abbr., med. Burp In Transit (gas Seen In The Stomach On An Abdominal Film)
64-bit Of, pertaining to, or descriptive of the amount of data -64 bits, or 8 bytes- that certain computer systems or programs can process at one time abbr.
abbr., comp., MS 64 bit
BIT [bɪt] abbr.
abbr., avia. built in test
abbr., oil basic information tape; before income tax; bench integration test; bilateral investment treaty; bit position
abbr., polit. Bilateral investment treat (between China and USA Val_Ships)
abbr., space built-in-test
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