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bear [beə] n
mamm. arth (Ursus (arctos...))
 English thesaurus
bear [beə] n
mamm. arkouda kastani (Ursus (arctos...))
bear. abbr.
abbr. bearing
BEAR [beə] abbr.
abbr. Be Enthusiastic And Ready; Bonus Extension And Retraining; Bringing Equality And Respect; Bureau Enterprise Architecture Repository; Vermont Teddy Bear, Inc.; Biological Effects of Atomic Radiation Committee
abbr., ed. Be Enthusiastic About Reading; Be Excited About Reading; Be Excited And Read; Becoming Excited About Reading; Begin Every Afternoon Reading; Best Effort Attitude Respect
abbr., ed., scient. Building Employability Academics Respect
abbr., health., med. Bring Everything Always Ready
abbr., IT Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement
abbr., media. Brilliant Expert At Rhyming
abbr., mil. Ballistic Engineered Armored Response; Bring Everything, Always Ready; base expeditionary airfield resources
abbr., mil., avia. battlefield extraction assist robot
abbr., phys., scient. Biological Effects Of Atomic Radiation
abbr., scottish Beam Experiment Aboard Rocket
Gruzovik, abbr., scient. Berkeley Elites Automated Retrieval
mil. biological effects of atomic radiation; bonus, extension, and reenlistment
BEAR [beə] abbr.
abbr., busin. bearing