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app n
comp., MS cymwysiadau (A set of instructions that a computer uses to perform a specific task, such as word processing, accounting, or data management)
 English thesaurus
app abbr.
abbr. apparent; appendix; applied; appointed; appointment; approach
abbr., oil approved; approximate ly
chem. apparatus
comp. application (Andrey Truhachev); application program (Andrey Truhachev)
IT approximation
UK apprentice
app. abbr.
abbr. appellate; appended; application; appointed; appendix; appropriation; approved
abbr., commer. applicant; approval
abbr., earth.sc. apparent
construct. approximate
insur. Approximately
polym. apparatus
.app n
file.ext. Application (file name extension, R:Base)
APP abbr.
abbr. Accredited Purchasing Practitioner; Application; Australian Pharmacy Professional; Average Pensionable Pay; Allied Procedures Publications; appearance; Applications Portability Profile; Approach Control Office
abbr., agric., chem. ammonium polyphosphate solution
abbr., auto. Accelerator Pedal Position (translator911)
abbr., avia. Asapa, Papua New Guinea; airborne position processor; advanced procurement package; approach pattern; approach control-approach control office; automatic plate processor
abbr., biochem. amyloid precursor protein (MichaelBurov)
abbr., chem., scient. Average Physical Product
abbr., ed., scient. Accelerated Progress Program; Advanced Placement Program
abbr., el. absence or presence of a pulse; advanced page processor; antipodal propagation; automatic power protection
abbr., expl. Air pressure pulse
abbr., file.ext. Executable application file (DR-DOS - NeXTstep - Atari - EPOC); Generated application (FoxPro); Application object file (dBASE Application Generator); Add-in application file (Symphony)
abbr., IT Add-in application file; Application object file; Generated application; associative parallel processor
abbr., med. Acute Phase Protein; Alum-precipitated Pyridine; Aminopyrazolopyrimidine; Amyloid Peptide Precursor; Amyloid Precursor Protein; Antiplatelet Plasma; Alzheimer Amyloid Precursor Protein; Amyloid Precurser Protein; Abdominal Perfusion Pressure (harser); acute phase protein (Andrey Truhachev); alternating-pressure pad; Aviation Psychology Program
abbr., media. Absolute Power Productions; Associated Press of Pakistan
abbr., mil. Advanced Procurement Plan; Ah Pek Plant; Allied Procedural Publications; Application Portability Profile; Army Procurement Procedures; allied procedural publication
abbr., mil., avia. acoustic performance prediction
abbr., mil., WMD Accident Prevention Plan
abbr., O&G, sakh. air pollution potential
abbr., oil As per program (andrushin)
abbr., physiol., med. Appears; Appendix; Appointment; Approximate; Audio Psycho Phonology
abbr., polym. atactic polypropylene; aromatic polyester polyol (MichaelBurov)
abbr., progr. acquaintance package principle (ssn)
abbr., scottish Allied Procedural Publication; Armor Protection Program (USA)
abbr., tech. approach control
abbr., transp. Office of Airport Planning and Programming
ecol. atmospheric physics program
energ.ind. atomic power plant
meteorol. approach control service
mil. abandoned private property; advanced parts procurement; advanced procurement plan; advanced procurement planning; advanced project planning; antipersonnel projectile; armor-piercing practice; armor-piercing, proof; Army procurement procedure; auxiliary power plant
tech. acoustic performance prediction; advance procurement plan; ammonium polyphosphate; astronomical photoelectric photometry; astrophysics payload; auxiliary power package
App abbr.
abbr. appearances (Alexey Lebedev); Apprentice (UK Royal Air Force)
.APP n
file.ext. Application (R:Base)
App. n
lat. Appius (a common Roman forename)
law Court of Appeals
apps. abbr.
abbr., commer. appendices
app abbr.
abbr., cook. appetizer (BrinyMarlin)
App abbr.
abbr., oil appendage
APP abbr.
abbr., avia. autopilot panel
abbr., busin. adjustable premium policy; appeal; appellate; appended; applicant; appropriation; approval; approved by
abbr., earth.sc. aquifer protection planning; aspirating propeller pump
abbr., oil Abnormal Pore Pressure Symposium; access point pace; allyl propyl phthalate; amplitude phase plot; antipodal propagation phenomenon; appraisal well; associative parallel procedure
abbr., polym. amorphous polypropylene (аморфный полипропилен Сабу)
abbr., space adaptive path planning; advanced planetary probe; astrophysics payloads
abbr., tech. acceleration and parallel processing technology of AMD; acute-phase-protein; airport passenger processing system; Anderson power-supply product; application platform; application program for mobile device; application software; apply; Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd
oil, abbr. accommodation/power platform
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