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Context ['kɔntekst] n
comp., MS Cyd-destun (A reading order and alignment setting that is commonly used in controls that display text. When you select the Context setting, the reading order is determined by the first strong character (not a numeral or special character) that you type)
 English thesaurus
context ['kɔntekst] n
IT The overall set of internal and external factors that might influence or determine how an enterprise, entity, process or individual acts (Context includes: technology context (technological factors that affect an enterprise's ability to extract value from data) data context (data accuracy, availability, currency and quality) skills and knowledge (general experience and analytical, technical and business skills), organizational and cultural context (political factors and whether the enterprise prefers data to intuition) strategic context (strategic objectives of the enterprise). COBIT 5 perspective)
lit. Indicates the place of a given passage or section of a literature in relation to the parts which immediately precede and follow it. More broadly speaking it can also indicate the social, historical and political backdrop in which the piece appeared.
CONTEXT ['kɔntekst] n
mil. Conferencing and Text Manipulation System
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