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Administration [əd'mɪnɪ'streɪʃ(ə)n] n
comp., MS Gweinyddu (A feature of Microsoft Office Live Web sites and Shared Sites that allows users to restore their Web site or Shared Sites from backups maintained on Microsoft servers. This feature also allows users to switch to Microsoft FrontPage for creating their Web pages and to select a time zone for their Shared Sites)
 English thesaurus
administration [əd'mɪnɪ'streɪʃ(ə)n] n
mil., logist. Activity of the logistic support operational function whose mission is to provide the administrative and financial assets and services necessary for the sustainment, whatever the time period or the circumstances, of the operational capability of the units, while dealing with the individual and collective needs. This activity includes the following functional components: 1. general administration of the forces administrative and internal control of the units ; 2. personnel administration headcount management, civil status administration, mortuary affairs, administration of the individual and collective rights ; 3. financial administration pay, food supplies, operating expenses ; 4. purchasing and contracting; 5. legal affairs disputes, customs, tax authorities, etc. (FRA); The management and execution of all military matters not included in tactics and strategy, primarily in the fields of logistics and personnel management. 2. The internal management of units. (UKR/NATO)
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