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-do n
comp., MS I'w wneud; i'w-gwneud
 English thesaurus
do [dəu] abbr.
abbr. dito; the same
abbr., earth.sc. deformation orientation; directional ordering; drilled out
abbr., sport. double out
O&G outside diameter of casing
vulg. bunk; rural
do. abbr.
abbr., dril. drilled out
-do n
comp., MS To Do
do. n
mining. dollar
polym. ditto
'do n
inf. hairdo (причёска: a 'do for your dog Val_Ships); hairdo (Val_Ships)
DO [dəu] abbr.
abbr. District Office; Ditto; Dark One (Wheel of Time series Alex Lilo); Data Object (Alex Lilo); Data Out (Alex Lilo); Dawson and Oberman (plasmas Alex Lilo); DCS/Operations (Alex Lilo); Defined Order (Alex Lilo); Denominacion de Origen (general identification for Spanish wines Alex Lilo); Dental Officer; Deportation Order (Alex Lilo); Design Objective (Alex Lilo); Design Overview (Alex Lilo); Designated Official (Alex Lilo); Desk Officer (NYPD Alex Lilo); Desktop Originator (Alex Lilo); Detention Officer (Alex Lilo); Determination Order (workers compensation claims Alex Lilo); Development Officer (Alex Lilo); Dia'rio Oficial (Official Gazette; Brazil Alex Lilo); Diatomic Orbital (Alex Lilo); Diffractive Optics (camera lenses technology Alex Lilo); Digital Orthophoto (FEMA Alex Lilo); Diode Outline (Alex Lilo); Direct Object (Alex Lilo); Director of Operations; Director Officer (Alex Lilo); Disbursement Order (Alex Lilo); Disbursing Order (Alex Lilo); Disciplined Oscillator (Alex Lilo); Disorder (Alex Lilo); Dispensing Optician (Alex Lilo); Disto-Occlusal (dentistry Alex Lilo); Distortion Offset (Alex Lilo); Distributed Object (Alex Lilo); Dominica (Alex Lilo); Distributed Operations (Alex Lilo); District Officer (Alex Lilo); Division Officer (Alex Lilo); Division Operator (Alex Lilo); Doctor of Otolaryngology (Alex Lilo); Dornier (German aircraft manufacturer Alex Lilo); draw out; Drift Orbit (Alex Lilo); Driver Only (train operated by the driver only Alex Lilo); Ombudsmannen mot Etnisk Diskriminering (the Swedish national ombudsman for issues on ethnic discrimination Alex Lilo); Operational Dependability (Alex Lilo); Operations Directorate (NIMA Alex Lilo); US Duty Officer (Alex Lilo)
abbr., auto. double offset; double offset universal joint
abbr., avia. data output (Interex); drop out (Interex); description and operation; design office; design offset
abbr., comp., net., IT Data Only; Distributed Objects
abbr., corp.gov. field-level office; designated official
abbr., el. data overrun; default option; direct obligation; dolly out
abbr., el., scient. Dynamic optimization
abbr., fin. development objectives (Vladimir71)
abbr., inf. Short for "Hair Do"
abbr., IT Data Operation; Device Object; Digital Output; Domain Object; Dynamic Object; direct output
abbr., Makarov. drawing office
abbr., med. Diploma In Osteopathy; Distraction Osteogenesis; Doctor Of Osteopathy; Doctor Of; Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine; Dental Office; diamine oxidase; Diploma in Ophthalmology; distoocclusal; Doctor of Optometry
abbr., mil. Deep Operations; Delivery Order; Director of Ops; delivery order; disbursing officer
abbr., mil., avia. data organization
abbr., mil., WMD discrete output
abbr., nautic. Diesel Oil
abbr., oil development oil; drill out (andrushin); drilling obligation; drilling out
abbr., physiol., med. Dissolved Oxygen; Doctor of Osteopathy
abbr., polit. Dominican Republic; Dominica
abbr., polym. diesel oil
abbr., post Delivery Office (UK, 2006)
abbr., railw. direct operation
abbr., scottish Directorate of Operations (USA); Divisional Officer (UK Royal Navy)
abbr., soil. dolerite
abbr., sport. Path or way
abbr., st.exch. Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc.
abbr., tech. director of operations
ecol. dissolved oxygen
energ.ind. tube outside diameter
mil. defense order; deputy for operations; digital output; direct order; divisional order; due-out; duty officer
Nasdaq, abbr. Ditto (Usually a Horizontal Ditto)
railw. cafe observation car
tech. deviating oscillator; dipole orientation; direct oxidation; drilling-out; drying oil
TV dropout
Do [dəu] abbr.
abbr. day old
abbr., earth.sc. dolomite
abbr., el. doping
abbr., oil dolomitic
'do in writing abbr.
abbr., amer. hairdo прическа (as in "a 'do for your dog" Val_Ships)
abbr., earth.sc. dolomite
DO2 abbr.
abbr., med. Oxygen Delivery
DO [dəu] abbr.
abbr. dill oil
abbr., avia. design organization; diversion order or design order
abbr., busin. demi official
abbr., chem. dioxane
abbr., earth.sc. deuterium oxide
abbr., oil decanted oil; deferred ordinary (share); deoiler; depth offset; descriptive oceanography; development oil well; dewaxed oil; disbursing office; division order; dollar
abbr., radio Doppler
abbr., space drop-out
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