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ins n
gen. pormenores m
gen. país "in"; país candidato de la primera oleada; país de la primera oleada
fin. países de la zona del euro; países de la zona euro; países participantes
 English thesaurus
ins. abbr.
abbr. inch (Vosoni); inches (Vosoni); inscription; inspector; insulated; insulator
abbr., commer. inscribed; inspected
abbr., earth.sc. inspection; insular
polym. insulating; insulation
ins abbr.
abbr. inspector; insurance
abbr., dril. inches
abbr., med. insertion
abbr., oil insulate; insulation
O&G insolation
INS abbr.
abbr. Ignoring National Security; Immigration and Naturalization Services; Inertial Navigational System; I Not Stupid; Idiotic Nitwit Service; Indian Nuclear Society; Initial Water Solubles; inside; Institute of Naval Studies; Institute of Nuclear Sciences; Institute of Nuclear Studies; insure; Israel Nuclear Society; Italian Nuclear Society; Institute for Nuclear Studies (cyclotron, Japan)
abbr., avia. inertial navigation system (MichaelBurov); internal navigation system; information network system (satellite); inertial navigation sensor; inertial navigation set; instruction
abbr., bank. insurance services (MichaelBurov)
abbr., comp., net., IT Information Network Services
abbr., ed., scient. Institute For Nuclear Study
abbr., el. indirect NICS subscriber; individual night service; integrated network services; integrated network system; international switch; inter-nation simulation; internetwork system; interstation noise suppression
abbr., file.ext. Ensoniq Instrument File (Ensoniq Vosoni); Input String; Integrated Network Server; Instrument File (Adlib - Ensoniq); Installation script (1st Reader); Datafile (WordPerfect); Internet communications settings (MS IIS)
abbr., fin. IMF Institute; information notice system
abbr., inet. It's Never Simple
abbr., IT Datafile; Incompetent And Negligent Service; Input String From Port; Installation script; Instrument File; Internet communications settings
abbr., med. Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome; Implantable Neurostimulator; Information Networking System; Insurance; Infusion Nurses Society (Международная медицинская организация, офис в США Doctorvadim); International Neuropsychological Society; intranasal corticosteroid (интраназальный кортикостероид YanaLibera); intranasal steroid (стероид для полости носа Шакиров)
abbr., mil. Immigration and Naturalization Service; Indian Navy Ship; insurgent (Antonio); insert code; internal navigation system checkpoints
abbr., neurol. International Neuromodulation Society
abbr., org.name. International Numbering System
abbr., phys., scient. Inelastic Neutron Scattering
abbr., polit. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Служба иммиграции и натурализации США (Natalia D)
abbr., polym. iodine number and saponification number factor
abbr., scottish Indian Naval Ship
abbr., st.exch. Intelligent Systems Corporation
abbr., tech. Indian Naval Ships (LyuFi)
abbr., transp. Inertial Navigation System
abbr., weld. iron soldering (Yeldar Azanbayev)
mil. immediate nuclear support; improved navigational satellite; improved night sight; infantry night sight; information system; initial navigation system; integrated navigation system; interchangeable - substitute items; international navigation system
mil., abbr. inertial navigation system
physiol., med. Insulin
tech. inches per second
USA Insert
Ins. abbr.
abbr. installation; insolvency; insurance
Ins abbr.
abbr., med. inositol
INS abbr.
abbr., avia. immigration & naturalization service (us); instrument
abbr., busin. inspected; inspection; installation; insulated; insulator; insured
abbr., commer. interchangeable substitute
abbr., comp., net. intelligent network service
abbr., earth.sc. in situ; insoluble; integrated numerical system; ion neutralization spectrometer; ion neutralization spectroscope; ion neutralization electron spectroscopy; iron nickel system
abbr., oil inelastic neutron scattering spectroscopy; institutional net settlements; intense neutron source; ion neutralizing spectrometer; ion neutralizing spectroscopy
abbr., space integrated nitrogen system; ion neutralization spectroscopy
abbr., tech. International News Service
abbr., telecom. Windows Internet Naming Service
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