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ACL abbr.
comp., MS seznam za nadzor dostopa (In Windows-based systems, a list of access control entries (ACE) that apply to an entire object, a set of the object's properties, or an individual property of an object, and that define the access granted to one or more security principals)
 English thesaurus
ACL abbr.
abbr., IT Access control list
ACL abbr.
abbr. All Community Luck; Another Classless Laker; Association For Community Living; MS Access Compatibility Layer (MS, DB); Academy For Church Leadership; acceptance acceptable quality level (приемлемое качество, приемлемый процент годности Углов); Action Centered Leadership; Advanced Cmos Logic; Agent Control Language (Agents); allowable cabin load (допустимая загрузка (салона) самолёта Углов); Amateur Cinema League of America (Американская лига кинолюбителей Углов); American Classical League (Американская лига классической филологии Углов); Angels Crucial Leg; Ass Crack Licker; Association of Cinema Laboratories (Ассоциация кинолабораторий (США) Углов); Atlantic Container Line (Углов); Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Co.; American Council of Learned Societies
abbr., AI. Asynchronous Connectionless Link
abbr., automat. autonomous control logic
abbr., avia. altimeter check location; aircraft airplane configuration library; anticollision light; aircraft configuration library; aircraft list; airplane configuration library; ascent closed loop; assembly connection list; association of computational linguistics; automatic carrier landing (system); automatic control locator; automatic crosshair laying
abbr., busin. actual
abbr., cardiol. Advanced Catheter Location (iwona)
abbr., comp. Association for Computational Linguistics (Vosoni)
abbr., comp., net. authorization control list
abbr., comp., net., IT Agent Communication Language
abbr., el. access control list; asynchronous connectionless (link); access control layer; advanced communication link; array control logic; authorized component list; automatic cartridge loader; automatic contrast limiter; autotype command language; autotype control language
abbr., el., scient. Active Current Loop; Aliasing Controlling Language
abbr., electr.eng. armored cable, lead-sheath
abbr., expl. asymmetric charge location
abbr., file.ext. Application Control Language; Asynchronous Connection-Less (link); Automatic Circuit Layout; Keyboard accelerator (Corel Draw 6)
abbr., fin. Administration for Community Living
abbr., health., med. A Changed Life
abbr., immunol. anticardiolipin
abbr., IT Audit Command Language; Average Call Length; Keyboard accelerator; agent communication language (язык общения агентов ssn); Association for Computer Linguistics; access control list (список управления доступом ssn)
abbr., law Australian Current Law
abbr., light. AirCraft Lamp (тип источников света, дающих четкие лучи Adrax)
abbr., med. Achievement Check List (syndrome); Acromegaloid Features, Cutis Verticis Gyrata, Corneal Leukoma (syndrome); American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis; Anterior Chamber Lens; Anterior Cruciate Ligament; Association For Computa-tional Linguistics; Anticardiolipin (antibody); anterior cruciate ligament
abbr., mil. Access Control Level; Aircraft Cabin Load; Allowable Cabin Load; Allowable Cargo Load; aeronautical computer laboratory (лаборатория авиационных вычислительных машин; сокр. Углов)
abbr., mil., air.def. access control lock; asynchronous connection-less line
abbr., mil., navy automatic carrier landing (автоматическая посадка (самолётов) на авианосец Углов)
abbr., mil., WMD All Critical Learning
abbr., mus. The American Classical League
abbr., nautic. anti-collision light (навигационный огонь, огонь для предупреждения столкновений; сокр. Углов)
abbr., nucl.phys. auxiliary controller lockout
abbr., O&G Approved Chemicals List (Список химических реагентов одобренных к использованию на предприятии Dmitry_Kosyak)
abbr., O&G, sakh. approved contractor list
abbr., oil Alternate Concentration Limit (An alternative to the concentration limit set by EPA or a state for a particular hazardous substance or waste); acoustilog; allowable cabin loads; Australian calibration line; authigenic clays; long space acoustilog
abbr., physiol. Anti-CardioLipin
abbr., physiol., med. Anterior Clavicular Line
abbr., post Address Correction Letter test (Wilmington DE, Apr '92, printed CFS address changes)
abbr., progr. access-control list (ssn)
abbr., progr., IT Agent Communication Library
abbr., railw. CSX Transportation Incorporated
abbr., relig. Authentic Christian Living
abbr., scottish Advanced Computing Laboratory; Avionics Cooling Loop
abbr., sec.sys. access level
abbr., silic. applied ceramic color label or lettering
abbr., space Atlas Computer Laboratory; attitude control logic; automatic carrier landing system
abbr., sport. air cleaner
abbr., surg. anterior cross-shaped ligament (MichaelBurov); anterior cruciform ligament (MichaelBurov)
abbr., tech. Alternating Current Line (grafleonov)
abbr., tradem. Automotive Components Limited
energ.ind. acceptable control limit; air conditioning load; armored-cable, lead-sheath
interntl.trade., abbr. Associated Container Line
mil. advanced concept laboratory; aircraft circular letter; aircraft control link; allowable cargo load; allowable container load; Atlantic coast line; authorized consumption list; aviation circular letter
NYSE., st.exch. Ace, Ltd.
tech. above-core load; acceptable quality level
tech., abbr. aeronautical computer laboratory
aCL abbr.
abbr. anticardiolipin (antibody Vosoni)