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ACK abbr.
comp., MS potrditev (A message transmitted to indicate that data has been received correctly. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) requires that the recipient acknowledge successful receipt of data. Such acknowledgments (ACKs) generate additional network traffic, decreasing the rate at which data passes but increasing reliability. To reduce the impact on performance, most hosts send an acknowledgment for every other segment or when a specified time interval has passed)
 English thesaurus
ACK abbr.
abbr. A Continual Kvetch
abbr., automat. affirmative acknowledge
abbr., avia. Nantucket, Massachusetts USA; acknowledge, acknowledgement
abbr., comp. Automated monitoring system (Ksysenka)
abbr., el. access control key; ATM communication key
abbr., IT A Cursed Keyboard; Acknowledge; Acknowledgment; acknowledgment; Acknowledgement (ASCII character); acknowledge (character); Acquisition of Knowledge
abbr., mil. ACKnowledge (Communications protocol)
abbr., relig. Anglican Church Of Kenya
abbr., sec.sys. affirmative acknowledgement
abbr., st.exch. Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
abbr., tech. acknowledge signal
meteorol. airdrome control radar; approach control radar
tech. acknowledge character
telecom., abbr. Acknowledgment (DDCMP, BISYNC)
TV automatic color killer
ack. abbr.
abbr. acknowledgement
ack ge . abbr.
abbr. acknowledge
AcK abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. actinium K
ack. n
insur. Acknowledged
ack abbr.
abbr. acknowledge (d)
Ack. abbr.
abbr. acknowledge
ACKed abbr.
abbr. Acknowledged (Yuriy83)
ACK abbr.
abbr. affirmation acknowledgement
abbr., busin. acknowledged; acknowledg e ment
abbr., immunol. Ammonium-Chloride-Potassium (inn)