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AAL abbr.
comp., MS prilagoditvena plast AAL (The layer of the asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) protocol stack that parses data into the payload portion of the ATM cell for transport across an ATM network)
 English thesaurus
Aal [ɑ:l] n
geol. Aalenian (MichaelBurov); Aalenian sequence (MichaelBurov)
AAL abbr.
abbr., avia. above airport aerodrome, airfield level; actual available load; aircraft approach limitation; American Airline, Inc. U.S.A; angle of approach light
abbr., el. absolute assembly language; aerodynamic-acoustic levitation
abbr., med. active avoidance learning
abbr., mil., air.def. acquired after launch file
abbr., org.name. Austral Asia Line
abbr., telecom. АТМ Adaptation Layer
Aal abbr.
abbr., oil altered andesite
AAl abbr.
abbr., oil amyl alcohol
AAL abbr.
abbr. Aid Association For Lutherans; Airplanes Always Late; All Anime Links; above airfield level (над уровнем посадочной площадки [лётного поля] Углов); aircraft approach light; American Air Lines (наименование американской компании воздушных сообщений Углов); Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory; Association of Assistant Librarians (Ассоциация младших библиотекарей; Великобритания Углов); Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaption Layer (Lena Nolte); ATM Adaption Layer (ATM); Australian Air League (Австралийская воздушная лига Углов); American Air-lines; Ames Aeronautical Laboratory (of NASA); anti-aircraft light (gun)
abbr., avia. above airport level
abbr., commun. ATM adaption layer
abbr., comp., net. ATM adaptation level
abbr., comp., net., IT Add A Leaf; ATM Adaptation Layer
abbr., earth.sc. above ambient level
abbr., ed. Anywhere Anytime Learning
abbr., inet. The Anywhere Anytime Library
abbr., IT ATM Adaptive Layer
abbr., med. automated anatomical labeling
abbr., mil. Additional Authorization List; Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer; Authorized Allowance List
abbr., O&G Acoustic Amplitude Log (Yeldar Azanbayev)
abbr., oil acoustic absorption loss; acoustic amplitude logging
abbr., physiol., med. Anterior Axillary Line
abbr., scottish Above Aerodrome Level
abbr., sec.sys., IT Access Activity Log
abbr., space adaptation layer; advanced aerospace laboratory; Arctic Aerospace Laboratory
abbr., tradem. Administrative Assistants Limited
abbr., transp. American Airlines
airports, avia. Aalborg, Denmark
mil. additional authorization list; aircraft approach limitations; aircraft armament laboratory; aircraft assignment letter; antiaircraft light; aviation armament laboratory
tech. acoustical absorption loss; associative array logic
AAL5 abbr.
abbr., IT ATM Adaptation Layer 5
AAL2 abbr.
abbr., IT ATM Adaptation Layer 2
Aal abbr.
stratigr. Aalenian Stage (MichaelBurov)