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 English thesaurus
A [eɪ] abbr.
abbr. Absurd; air course (Vosoni); ammeter (Vosoni); academician; acoustics (Vosoni); acre; Act; Actor; aerial (Vosoni); aeronautics; Aftermath; afternoon; Agree (in surveys Fesenko); airport; All; amateur; amber; Ambient; Americas; Animals; annual; annually; anode (Vosoni); answer; Ant; antarctic air; Anteater; Ape; Apple; April; Apron; arbitrary constant; arbitrary dimension; Archived; Archives; Arctic; Army; Art; Artemis; ash; ash content; Associate; astragal; atomic mass number; atto-; Australian; Autos; Helmholtz function; mass number; stack cross-sectional area; surface area; Agar; Angstroem; angstrom; actual weight; Admiralty; aeronautical; Alaska; Alberta; aluminium oxide (regular abrasive); ammunition; Angström (unit); antarctic air (mass); Antigua; armoured; arrest critical point; aspect ratio; Atlantic (Ocean); aviator; azimuthal; international Angström
abbr., agric. alcohol; analysis; automatic
abbr., agrochem. acid; air; atomic weight
abbr., auto. amperes; angular acceleration; attenuation coefficient; Audi Approved Automobile
abbr., automat. addendum
abbr., avia. aircraft; airborne; attack; attendant seat; attacker
abbr., biochem. alanine (аланин Dimpassy)
abbr., biol. adenine
abbr., BrE A-branch; apprentice
abbr., bridge. Ace
abbr., busin. August; Australia; Austria
abbr., cartogr. America; American; arch bridge; Argyllshire; arroyo
abbr., commer. first class; first grade
abbr., construct. area of cross section
abbr., dril. annular preventer
abbr., earth.sc. absolute pressure; actinote; actinolite; actinomycete; Aftonian; allanite; altered; amphibole; amphibolite; analcite; andesine; andesite; andradite; Angola; anisotrope; anthophyllite; antiferromagnetic; antigorite; antiperthite; aqua; archaeophytic; ascension; atlas; free energy; grade A; maximum work
abbr., EBRD upper medium grade
abbr., econ. Australian dollar (Seregaboss)
abbr., el. adder; altimeter; animator; asynchronous; atomic; autonomous; angstrom unit
abbr., electr.eng. amplification; amplifier; armature
abbr., expl. absolute alcohol
abbr., file.ext. ADA Program
abbr., fin. Annuity (LyuFi); Asset (LyuFi); auction
abbr., footwear anti-static (специальное обозначение Yuriy83)
abbr., gram. adjective
abbr., IT accumulator; amplitude
abbr., lab.eq. Albino guinea pig
abbr., Makarov. PAB; PAS
abbr., math. axial vector
abbr., med. Allergologist; Allergy; Abnormal; Abortion; Absolute Temperature; Absorbance; Acceptor; Accommodation; Acetone; Acetum; Achondroplasia; Acid; Acidophil; Acidophilic; Acromion; Acidity; Albumin; Alpha (cell); alveolar gas (SUBSCRIPT); Ambulation; Ampere; Amphetamine; Ampicillin; Amplitude; Anaphylaxis; Androsterone; Arterial Blood; Artery (Lat. Arteria); Asymptomatic, No Symptoms (e.g. In Proteinuria); Blood Group A; Total Acidity; Tumor Limited To The Bowel (Dukes Classification); Tumor Limited To The Mucosa (Astler-Coller Classification); peak left ventricular filling velocity at atrial contraction (пиковая скорость позднего наполнения левого желудочка (при сокращении предсердий) Dimpassy); Ankle Jerk/Reflex; Assessment (Ying); adenosine (or adenylic acid); Ala
abbr., met. conventional anneal
abbr., mil. Adjutant-General's Branch (отдел генерал-адъютантской службы); Alaskan Standard Time (поясное время на Аляске); arrow; analog; firing angle
abbr., mining. A one; air course; ammeter; ampere; argon
abbr., O&G, sakh. Amp
abbr., oil alloyed; apparent; atmospheric air; Avogadro's number; current electrode; electrochemical activity; formation water activity; Stiles mobility ratio; abbreviation; abeam; absorbancy; absorption; abstract; accelerator; acicular; acres; activator; adamantane; adamellite; additive; agent; aids; air line; alarm; alkali; alkalinity; alunite; amorphous; amperes; amperemeter; anchor; and (function); angular; anhydrite; aniline; anisotropic; anisotropy; aphanitic; aplite; approved; Arabia; Arabian; aragonite; arc; arch; Archaeozoic; area; arithmetic; arm; aromatic oil; arrest point; asphalt; association; asymmetric; Atlantic; atmosphere; atoleine; atoll; attenuation; average; axis
abbr., phys. magnetic vector potential; specific rotation; strong absorption band in deep red the first of the Fraunhofer lines of the solar spectrum
abbr., physiol. Adenine; Alveolization
abbr., polit. Asia
abbr., qual.cont. NOVA analysis of variance
abbr., scottish ampere (electric current); Alfa (phonetic alphabet); Time zone 7.5 E-22.5 E (GMT -1)
abbr., tech. Angstrom; search area; desired search area
abbr., telecom. availability
energ.ind., abbr. accumulator; amplitude; arbitrary constant; arbitrary dimension; ash; atomic mass number; atto-; mass number; stack cross-sectional area; surface area
gas.proc., abbr. ash content
law acting
meteorol., abbr. afternoon; altitude difference; amber; analysis; annual; antarctic air
mil. academy; acceleration; accommodation; accountant; ace; acquittance; action; active; activity; actual; adjutant; administration; admiral; adopted; advance; advanced; aerospace; agency; airman; alert; allied; alternate; ambulance; amphibian; amphibious; armament; armored; artificer; artillery; assistant; atomic; automobile; auxiliary; aviation; azimuth
mil., agrochem. air
mil., avia. aircraft
O&G analogue
pipes., abbr. area of cross section
tech. assembly; absent; absolute temperature; accommodation coefficient; acquisition; address constant; alloy; alteration; altitude; altitude difference; analog signal; anhydrous; antenna; aqueous; argentum; aromatic; asbestos; automated; refracting angle of prism; silver; width of slit
A. abbr.
abbr. amperemeter; answer; atomic; British Waterworks Association
abbr., dril. Archaeozoic
abbr., earth.sc. absolute; academy; air course; America; ammeter; anode; auxiliary
abbr., econ. anna
abbr., lat. Aulus (a common Roman forename)
abbr., Makarov. admiral
abbr., met. annealed
abbr., mining. acre; aircourse
abbr., radio antenna
invest. abstract
law anonymous; association
abbr., anim.husb. absolute temperature
a [eɪ] abbr.
gen. but (sankozh)
abbr. absorption coefficient; ampere; crack size; heavy toward long wavelength; mg augmentation; critical velocity; thermal diffusivity
abbr., avia. slope of lift curve
abbr., busin. abandon; above; abstracts; acceptance; account; acreage; add; additional; address; adjusted; advice; after; airplane; air-taxi; aluminum oxide; ambassador; among; analyzer; annealed; annus; anonymous; anthracite; argent; arrive; arrival; article; assessed; assorted; assured; at (unit price); athletic; atomic bomb; attention; attorney; auditor; axiom
abbr., chem. relative activity
abbr., desert. are
abbr., earth.sc. acetate; alaskite; albite; andalusite; artificial deposit; augite
abbr., econ. anna
abbr., el. axial
abbr., genet. superhelix density
abbr., med. artery; before; specific absorption (coefficient; USUALLY ITALIC); total acidity; systemic arterial (blood; SUBSCRIPT)
abbr., oil acoustic velocity; ares; attached; attenuation constant; atto; audit
abbr., phys. capillary constant; sound velocity
abbr., tech. ar; antenne; artilleri
agric. afternoon; annual
biol. abundant; adult; age; aged; asymmetrical
cartogr. acres
inf. I (шотл. bellb1rd)
med. arterial (Vosoni)
O&G about; acoustic; annum; areal; atmospheric; atom; formation factor coefficient; tortuosity; year
opt. atto-
qual.cont. able; absolute; accepted; available
a. abbr.
abbr. abundant; article; Atlantic Reporter; acid; active; advance; advanced; annual; anthracite; are
abbr., dril. ampere
abbr., earth.sc. about; absorption; absorption coefficient; acceleration; acceptance; activity; arroyo
abbr., fin. auction
abbr., math. arc
construct. arch; area; axial
mining. actual; annus; azimuth
polym. amorphous
Asub_B [eɪ] abbr.
met. annealed in box
+asub y abbr.
med. right lateral acceleration
+asub х abbr.
med. forward acceleration
A [eɪ] abbr.
abbr., avia. aberration; ablation; ablator; absorbent; absorber; absorptivity; accelerometer; access; accident; accommodate; accuracy; actinism; activation; actuation; actuator; added; adhesion; adhesive; adjustment; aeroacoustics; aeroballistics; aerodrome; aerodynamics; aerodyne; aeroelasticity; aeroelastics; aeroengine; aerofoil; aerohydroplane; aerojet; aerolog; aerology; aeromap; aeromotor; aeronaut; aerophotography; aeroplane; aeroplanist; aeropolitics; aerostatics; afterburner; agility; aging; aileron; airlock; airmada; airmail; airship; airspeed; airworthiness; albedo; alerting area; almanac; alternating; annealing; anodic; aperture; apogee; approach; arming; arrange; array; assemble; asteroid; astigmatism; attitude; augmentation; authorities; autogiro; autoloading; autopilot; avionics
abbr., chem. adenosin; antih emophilic factor; antiha emophilic factor
abbr., meteorol. A cell; alpha cell; Acinetobacter; Actinomyces; adenosine acid; adjuvant; allogen; anesthesia; anesthetist; androstenedione; Aspergillus; attendance; start of anesthesia
A- abbr.
abbr., oil A-minus; A-negative; abstract number (survey)
A+ abbr.
abbr. A-positive
abbr., oil A-plus
A$ abbr.
abbr. Australian Dollars (DoctorD)
,A abbr.
abbr. Australian dollar; Australian dollars
A $ abbr.
abbr., econ. Australian Dollar
abbr., lab.eq. amyloid-β
В.A. abbr.
abbr., libr. Bachelor of Arts
abbr., life.sc. β-amyloid peptide
°A abbr.
abbr. absolute temperature
μA abbr.
abbr. microampere
$ A abbr.
abbr., econ. Peso Argentina
トリプルA abbr.
abbr., fin. Total Quality Control
abbr., plast. alternating current
a [eɪ] abbr.
abbr. haploid set of autosome
abbr., med. total; acute; airway; alveolar; anterior; anxiety; appearance; asymmetrical; asymptomatic; atrium; augmented; non-agouti; venous wave produced by atrial contraction
a. abbr.
abbr., libr. alphabetical; author
Asub_B [eɪ] abbr.
abbr., met. annealed in box
Umaa [eɪ] abbr.
abbr., oil apparent volumetric photoelectric cross section of rock matrix
-asub х art.
med. backward acceleration; footward acceleration
Umaa [eɪ] art.
O&G apparent volumetric photoelectric cross section of rock matrix
a? abbr.
abbr. huh? (когда что-то не расслышал 4uzhoj)
a- abbr.
abbr., chem. ana-position
θa abbr.
abbr., el. 3-dB one way azimuth beamwidth
A BAND [eɪ] abbr.
abbr., med. The Dark-staining Zone Of A Striated Muscle
à abbr.
abbr., tech. rendement (mariv)
aномалии родовой деятельности art.
med. abnormal labor (sankozh)
+asub x art.
med. headward acceleration
a Colombia social securty equivalent [eɪ] abbr.
abbr. cc (Alex Lilo)
a! abbr.
abbr. ugh (Побеdа)
AUV [eɪ] abbr.
abbr., el. ultraviolet absorption
AS [eɪ] abbr.
abbr., med. Asplenia Syndrome
-asub y art.
med. left lateral acceleration
at [eɪ] art.
O&G autocorrelation function
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Electric traction6
Electricity generation53
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Human rights activism6
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