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to move adj.
IT, tech. gibati se
 English thesaurus
move! abbr.
abbr., slang giddy up (Svetlana D)
move [mu:v] n
mil., abbr. mv
MOVE [mu:v] abbr.
abbr. Middle Oak Volunteer Effort; Mobilization Of Volunteer Efforts; Mobilizing Outreach Volunteer Efforts; Microsoft Overlay Virtual Environment (MS)
abbr., med. Mobility Opportunities Via Education
abbr., mil., avia. management of value engineering
abbr., physiol. Mesopic Optimization of Visual Efficiency
abbr., physiol., med. Mesopic Optimisation Of Visual Efficiency; Mesopic Optimization Of Visual Efficiency
Nasdaq Cinema Ride, Inc.
MOVES abbr.
abbr., oil migration for optimum velocity evaluation and stacking
MOVE [mu:v] abbr.
abbr., earth.sc. maintenance of variance extension
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