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 bail out
econ. fin. reševati z javnimi sredstvi
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fin. econ. pravilo 1/20
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 English thesaurus
NO [nəu] abbr.
abbr., nautic. northeast (MichaelBurov)
NO <устар.> abbr.
abbr., nautic. NE (MichaelBurov)
NO [nəu] abbr.
abbr. New Orleans; New Orleans Field Office; Next Opportunity; no office; Normal Output; Normally Open; Norwegian; Not Organized; National Office (Alex Lilo); Natural Orbital (Alex Lilo); Naval Observatory; Navy Officer (Alex Lilo); Necrotic Obsession (online community Alex Lilo); Network Operator (Alex Lilo); Network Origin (Alex Lilo); Never Oscillate (Alex Lilo); New Order (band Alex Lilo); Nice One (Alex Lilo); Night Operation (Alex Lilo); Nihil Obstat (Latin: no objections Alex Lilo); No Offense (Alex Lilo); No Oscillation (Skimaire Alex Lilo); Nominal Model (Alex Lilo); Nomine Officii; Nord-Ouest (French: north west Alex Lilo); Nord-Ovest (Italian: Northwest Alex Lilo); Nordost/Nordosten (German; North East Alex Lilo); North/Northern (Alex Lilo); Not Official (Alex Lilo); Not Open (Alex Lilo); Not Optional (Alex Lilo); Not Out (Alex Lilo); Nouveau Orleans (French: New Orleans Alex Lilo); Novara (Piemonte, Italy Alex Lilo); Number Of (Alex Lilo); Nuovo Ordinamento (Italian: new Curriculum Requirements Alex Lilo); Occupation Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately Alex Lilo); The Number Of ....; Norway (Alex Lilo); octane number
abbr., astr. new style
abbr., avia. no action taken; no
abbr., biotechn. nucleolar organizer
abbr., busin. No number
abbr., chem., scient. Nitric Oxide; Nitrous Oxide; Nobelium
abbr., comp., IT Not On
abbr., dermat. nevus of Ota (iwona)
abbr., el. nitric oxide gas; nitrided oxide; nitridized oxide; nitride-oxide layer; nitroxide; non - official; no reoxidation; NOT OR
abbr., food.ind. No Onions
abbr., footb. New Orleans Saints
abbr., inet. Nerf Online
abbr., IT Next Operating
abbr., law Noise Ordinance
abbr., math., scient. Non Oscillatory; The Number Of...
abbr., mil. Number
abbr., nurs. Nursing Office
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. normally open
abbr., oil new oil; nitrogen oxides; naphthenic oil; night observation; no objection; no survey; non-official; non-original; north offset; not observed
abbr., opt. nitric oxide
abbr., police Secrets Interagency Steering Group
abbr., polit. Norway
abbr., post No Office
abbr., scottish Nursing Officer; Norway (NATO country code)
abbr., sec.sys. normal opened
abbr., space nonofficial; not obtained; nozzle orifice
mil. narcotics officer; naval officer; naval operation; naval ordnance; navigation officer; navigation operator; neutral officer; not operational
tech. no orders
No. abbr.
gen. ¹ (Юрий Гомон)
lat. Nobis ("to us", "for us")
No [nəu] abbr.
tech. molecular density at standard conditions
univer., abbr. N
no. abbr.
abbr. normally open
IT number
NO1 abbr.
IT no one
8 bits , No parity bit , 1 abbr.
IT, abbr. 8N1 (stop bit, MODEM, BIT)
NO [nəu] abbr.
abbr., avia. normal operation; normal operation in SSM; nose
abbr., med. nitrogen monoxide
No. abbr.
abbr. item; subparagraph; North; northern; (Юрий Гомон)
abbr., sport. number
No [nəu] abbr.
abbr. number; end/warp; nobelium
no [nəu] abbr.
abbr. nitrogen oxide; north; northern
abbr., IT number номер
NO2 abbr.
abbr., chem., scient. Nitrogen Oxide
abbr., O&G, sahk.s. nitrogen dioxide; nitrogen peroxide
NO2 abbr.
abbr., avia. nitrogen dioxide
No. 2 abbr.
abbr., chess.term. Number Two
3NO abbr.
abbr. North Omaha Airport, Omaha, Nebraska USA
No. 1 abbr.
abbr., chess.term. Number One
No s abbr.
abbr., econ. number s (L. Numerus)
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