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 toad Any anuran amphibian of the class Bufonidae, such as Bufo bufo of Europe. They are similar to frogs but are more terrestrial, having a drier warty skin n
environ. ropuchy
 English thesaurus
 TOAD [təud] abbr.
abbr. Ten On A Desk
abbr., astr. Tremendous Outburst Amplitude Dwarf (Vosoni)
abbr., comp., IT Toggle Only Actuated Device
abbr., IT Tool For Oracle Application Development
abbr., mil. Take Over And Destroy; Tobyhanna Army Depot; Towed Off-board Active Decoy (U.K.)
abbr., scottish Towed Offboard Active Decoy
abbr., sport. Travel Outdoor Adventure Destinations
 TOADS abbr.
abbr., progr., IT Tool For Oracle Application Development