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 tie [taɪ] adj.
transp., met. podval
 tying ['taɪɪŋ] v
law, busin. viazaný predaj
 English thesaurus
 TIE [taɪ] abbr.
abbr. Talent Ideas And Enterprise; Technologists Investors And Entrepreneurs; To Impress Everyone; Trust Integrity And Experience; Twin Ion Engine; Technology Information Exchange; The Institute of Ecology
abbr., comp., net. Tools Integration for the Enterprise
abbr., comp., net., IT Terminal Interface Equipment
abbr., ed. Teacher Information Exchange; Technology In Education; Telescopes In Education
abbr., IT Telephone Interconnect Equipment
abbr., med. Telemedicine Information Exchange; Treatment Improvement Exchange
abbr., media. Theatre In Education
abbr., mil. Technical Independent Evaluator; Time Internal Errors; troop information and education
abbr., mil., avia. technology integration experiment
abbr., physiol. Treatment Information Exchange
abbr., physiol., med. Toxicity Identification Evaluation
abbr., piez. time interval error
abbr., scottish Target Identification Equipment
abbr., st.exch. Titanium Metals Corporation
abbr., tradem. Talent Ideas Enterprise; The Indus Entrepreneurs; Trucking Information Exchange
airports, avia. Tippi, Ethiopia
mil. technical information exchange
 TIE [taɪ] abbr.
abbr., oil toxicity identification evaluations
abbr., space terrestrial interface equipment; transcontinental interconnection experiment
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