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 actors n
commun. aktéri
 actor ['æktə] n
comp., MS aktér (An entity in a graph edge that performs the action); účastník (A person or process that either starts or participates in an activity. Actors can be either initiators or targets)
 English thesaurus
 actor ['æktə] n
theatre., cinema a person who plays the role of a character in a performance (Usage notes: In the sense of a person who acts in a play or film, the traditional sense of the word only applied to male actors; the term actress being used for the female counterpart.)
 ACTOR ['æktə] abbr.
abbr. A Commitment To Our Roots
abbr., mil., avia. Askania Cine-Theodolite Optical-Tracking Range
mil., abbr. Askania cine-theodolite optical-tracking range
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