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payload ['peɪləud] n
gen. koristan teret; korisna nosivost
auto. korisna nosivost (vozila)
avia. plaćeni teret
comp., MS korisni podaci (Essential data that is carried within a packet or other transmission unit, excluding the data required to get the packet delivered)
mil. bojeva glava sa punjenjem
tech. korisno opterećenje
nosivost payload ['peɪləud] n
econ. opterećenje
 English thesaurus
payload ['peɪləud] n
IT A financial system that establishes the means for transferring money between suppliers and users of funds, ordinarily by exchanging debits or credits between banks or financial institutions
mil., abbr. payld; pl; pld
mil., logist. The load expressed in tons of cargo or equipment, gallons of liquid, or number of passengers which the vehicle is designed to transport under specified conditions of operation, in addition to its unladen weight. The warhead, its container, and activating devices in a military missile. (FRA)
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