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cluster ['klʌstə] n
gen. grozd; klaster pojedinačnih mesta za skladištenje podataka na disku
avia. niz; svežanj
comp., MS klaster (A group of independent computers that work together to provide a common set of services and present a single-system image to clients. The use of a cluster enhances the availability of the services and the scalability and manageability of the operating system that provides the services)
econ. grupa firmi koje se uzajamno pomažu
fig. hrpa; gomila; mnoštvo; skupina; grupa; roj; jato
IT grupa sektora
law grupacija; klaster; nakupina
tech. paket; nagomilavanje; načičkati; zbiti se
kompanija cluster ['klʌstə] n
econ. grupa
cluster ['klʌstə] v
gen. nagomilati; skupiti u hrpu; rasti u skupini; u obliku grozda; obaviti se; okupiti se; sjatiti se; skupljati se; rojiti se
law gomilati
photo. aglomerisati
 English thesaurus
cluster ['klʌstə] n
mil., abbr. clstr
mil., logist. Set of equipments, in particular terminal-screens, gathered to share a transmission channel or a hub. 2. Fireworks signal in which a group of stars burns at the same time. 3. Two or more parachutes for dropping light or heavy loads. 4. In land mine warfare, a component of a pattern-laid minefield. It may be antitank, anti-personnel or mixed. It consists of one to five mines and no more than one anti-tank mine. (FRA); Group of bombs released together. A cluster usually consists of fragmentation or incendiary bombs. (FRA)
CLUSTER ['klʌstə] abbr.
abbr., ed., scient. Consortium Linking Universities Of Science And Technology For Education And Research
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