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injury ['ɪnʤərɪ] n
gen. oštećenje; povreda; ozleda
fig. uvreda
law delikt; gubitak; kriminal; kršenje prava; nepravda; povreda prava; rana; šteta; šteta na stvarima; trauma; uvreda (lat. injuria)
injuries n
med. povrede; rane; uvrede; kršenja prava
fizička injury ['ɪnʤərɪ] n
econ. povreda
injury ['ɪnʤərɪ] adj.
law fizička povreda; fizičko oštećenje; nepravedan odnos; nepravedan postupak
oil ranjavanje
traf. telesna povreda
 English thesaurus
injury ['ɪnʤərɪ] adj.
mil., abbr. inj
USA A term comprising such conditions as fractures, wounds, sprains, strains, dislocations, concussions, and compressions. see also casualty; Conditions resulting from extremes of temperature or prolonged exposure. see also casualty; Acute poisonings except those due to contaminated food resulting from exposure to a toxic or poisonous substance (JP 4-02) see also casualty
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