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headquarters ['hed'kwɔ:təz] n
gen. glavno sedište; glavna poslovnica; centrala
mil. glavni stab; stab; generalstab; sedište; uprava
Headquarters ['hed'kwɔ:təz] n
gen. štab; sedište firme
firme, organizacije headquarters ['hed'kwɔ:təz] n
econ. centrala
headquarters ['hed'kwɔ:təz] adj.
mil. komandno mesto; ratni stab
 English thesaurus
headquarters ['hed'kwɔ:təz] abbr.
abbr., mil. hdqr; hdqrs; hdqtrs
mil., abbr. hed; hqtr
mil., logist. All the personnel, assets and possibly facilities that the commander of a major unit has at his/her disposal in order to exercise command. The HQ is placed under the organic or functional authority of a chief of staff, and it is made up of the staff itself and the command support elements: - CIS specialised in exploitation and attachment; - Headquarters support including the protection efforts, which could be included in the headquarters support assets. The headquarters can be organised into several command posts: main command post Main CP, rear command post Rear CP, tactical command post Tactical CP, reserved command post Alternate CP and, for level 1, a home base command post. A headquarters is considered as “single-site” when it only consists in one Main CP, and when it is therefore deployed over a single site the Tactical CP is not taken into account since it is not permanent. The headquarters is considered as “multi-site” when it consists in several CPs Main, Rear, Alternate, each of them located on a different site. (FRA)
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