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merit ['merɪt] n
gen. zasluga; vrednost; odlika; vrlina
law bit stvari; činjenica; dostignuće; dostojanstvo; meritum; osnov; osnovanost; razlog; standard; suština; utemeljenost; zasnovanost
tech. dobrota; prednost
merits n
law meritum; ukupna pravna i materijalna utemeljenost
dobra strana merit ['merɪt] n
econ. prednost
merit ['merɪt] v
gen. zaslužiti kaznu (i sl.); zaslužiti nagradu (i sl.)
law zaslužiti; zavrediti (lat. meritum; meritus)
 English thesaurus
MERIT ['merɪt] abbr.
abbr. Manateen Emergency Response Initiative Team; Membership Excellence Recruitment Initiative Team; Medical Relief International; Military Exploitation of Reconnaissance and Intelligence Technology
abbr., earth.sc. International Program to Monitor Earth Rotation and Intercompare Techniques; Monitoring of Earth-Rotation and Intercomparison of the Techniques of Observation and Analysis
abbr., ed., scient. Method To Extend Research In Time
abbr., law Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment
abbr., mus. Music Education Reaching Instrumental Talents
abbr., transp. Model To Evaluate The Reliability Of Infrastructure And Timetables; Money Earned Requiring Individual Time
tech. management evaluation and risk identification tree
merits n
law A decision "on the merits" is one that reaches the rights of a party, as distinguished from disposition of a case on a ground not reaching the rights raised in an action
MERIT ['merɪt] abbr.
abbr., med. Тrial of Medical Emergency Teams in Australia (Alexx B)
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