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assets ['æsets] n
gen. aktiva; efektiva; osnovna; imovina dužnika; stečajna masa
busin. imovinsko stanje
law bilans; imanje; imetak; imovina; kapital; ostavština; spisak imovine; sredstva preduzeća; svojina; vlasništvo
asset ['æset] n
gen. posed; imovina
avunc. preimućstvo; prednost; dobitak; oslonac
busin. aktiva
comp., MS imovina (Anything owned or controlled by a business, tangible or intangible, that has monetary value and was acquired at a measurable cost)
law adut; dobro; potraživanje; resurs; sredstvo; vrednost
oil imetak; stavka aktive (potraživanja)
tech. važan faktor
aktiva u bilansu stanja assets ['æsets] n
econ. sredstvo
assets ['æsets] adj.
avia. osnovna sredstva; inventar
econ. aktiva (bilans); fond
law finansijska potraživanja; nepokretna imovina; poslovni fond
oil stavka imovine u bilanci
tech. sredstva
 English thesaurus
asset ['æset] n
IT Something of either tangible or intangible value that is worth protecting, including people, information, infrastructure, finances and reputation
mil., logist. Generic term pertaining to a group of equipment or personnel, providing a capability in the concerned domain. (FRA)
ASSET ['æset] abbr.
abbr., auto. Automotive Student Service Educational Program
abbr., avia. aerothermodynamic/elastic structural system environments test; American Society of Scientific and Engineering Translators
abbr., ed. Allegheny Schools Science Education And Technology; Assessment Of Skills For Successful Entry And Transfer; Australia Surgical Skills Education and Training (peuplier_8)
abbr., el. all spacer separated element transistor (technology); automated system and software engineering technology; assessment of safety significant event team
abbr., IT Asset Source For Software Engineering Technology; Advanced Support System for Emulation and Test
abbr., Makarov. air storage system energy transfer plant
abbr., mil. All-Source Satellite Evaluation Tool; Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology
abbr., scottish Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology programme (USA)
abbr., transp. Airbus Scheduling Software For Editing Timetables
busin. ASE trading system
tech. advanced skewed sensory electronic triad; assessment of safety significance event team
Asset ['æset] abbr.
abbr., fin. A (LyuFi)
ASSETS ['æsets] abbr.
abbr. Assessments Standards Staff Education And Technology Systems
abbr., ed. Service For Self Employment Training And Support
abbr., mil. Transportation Assets File
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