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administrator [əd'mɪnɪstreɪtə] n
gen. upravnik; staratelj; administrator
econ. izvršilac oporuke; upravitelj
law izvršilac testamenta; birokrata; izvršilac; menadžer; nadglednik; tutor
ako ne postoji oporuka administrator [əd'mɪnɪstreɪtə] n
econ. izvršilac oporuke
 English thesaurus
administrator [əd'mɪnɪstreɪtə] n
comp., MS Administrator (On Windows-based computers, a user account that is a member of the computer's local Administrators group or a member of a group that is a member of the local Administrators group, such as the Domain Admins group in a Windows domain. This is the first account that is created when you install an operating system on a new workstation, stand-alone server, or member server. By default, this account has the highest level of administrative access to the local computer); CEIP (The person responsible for setting up and managing local computers, stand-alone servers, member servers, or domain controllers. An administrator performs such duties as assigning user accounts and passwords, establishing security access levels, watching for unauthorized access, allocating storage space, and helping users with networking problems)
law Man who represents the estate of a person who dies without a will. 2. A court official
mil., abbr. adminr; admir; admr
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