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 if the worst comes to the worst
if worst comes to worst
gen. на крайний случай; в худшем случае; в самом худшем случае; если случится самое худшее
Игорь Миг при наихудшем раскладе (разг.); в крайнем случае (UK /// The usage of "if the worST comes to the worST" has been common, but not logical, because you can't get worse than worst. On the other hand, "if the worst comes to the worst" has also been attributed not to the deterioration of the condition, but the general idea that "if the worst really comes to exist." In such cases, it makes sense in its own way. "Worse to worse" on the other hand, is usually just a mistake. If worse comes to worst, then worst does not come to worse. /// UD); в самом крайнем случае
Makarov. если произойдёт самое худшее
proverb на худой конец
uncom. в худых оборотах (Супру)
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