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 handling system
automat. транспортно- загрузочное устройство
Makarov. система погрузки, транспортировки и разгрузки; транспортно-загрузочное устройство
met. комплекс по перегрузке (terrarristka)
pipes. загрузочное устройство; транспортирующее устройство
sew. ручное транспортирование полуфабриката и изделий (на фабрике)
tech. транспортирование изделий; система подачи
 material handling system
automat. система тягового транспортирования
handling system: 300 phrase in 59 subjects
Advertising2 Mechanics6
Air conditioners1 Medical1
Airports and air traffic control1 Metallurgy5
Aluminium industry1 Metrology1
Astronautics6 Military50
Automated equipment14 Nautical8
Aviation4 Nonferrous industry1
Chromatography1 Nuclear and fusion power5
Computer networks1 Oil / petroleum8
Computing1 Oil and gas2
Construction3 Oil and gas technology2
Data processing1 Oil processing plants1
Drilling5 Polygraphy2
Ecology5 Programming4
Economy1 Railway term1
Electronics1 Refrigeration2
Energy industry32 Road works1
Finances1 Robotics6
Food industry1 Roll stock1
Forestry2 Sakhalin3
General3 Sakhalin R2
Glass container manufacture1 Security systems1
Information technology6 Silicate industry1
International transportation1 Technology55
Internet1 Telecommunications1
Laboratory equipment2 Thermal engineering3
Law1 Warehouse1
Logistics1 Weapons of mass destruction8
Makarov16 Wood processing1
Mechanic engineering1